‘Who is worthy to open the book?’
Every hands jammed in a hook
‘Who will go?’
Every lips went on hold
John wept so much
Then ‘the Root of David’ stood thereof
Voluntarily, the burden, He went forth,
To bear and seven seals He loose thereon
In a twinkling He could call Legions
But never did, silence He was
Spat on Him, slaps on
He prayed instead for their wrought
The strikes and thunders
Both stirred their ‘wonder’
The darkness clouded, length and breath of the earth
The first, last of its kind
The one thick inch,
Veil did tear.
A free entrance it gave
You and I today
Blood for atonement,
Dripping from His sides
Water of healing,
Tugged from his battered sides
Gave life, lips cannot mention
The lost treasure, the blood did restore
Gloss refined ONE
The one’s footstool we adore
His grounds, practically we worship
If not for HIM…
‘Your faith is also in vain’ Paul said.
Indeed, it was HIM that broke the veil
His love for me never fades
His sufferings signifies my life
In Him, I found my need
He paid the full price of my life
The stripes He bore, my healing it did bring
Unmerited love my soul now ring
Condemnation not, I now see
My unjust became just; overruled sin
No other words can qualify
The burdens He lifted at Calvary
No other names can He be called
Than The Lion of the Tribe
He conquered death
His nail-scarred feet trampled on sickness
Reversed curse,
Blessing He brought
Nail-scarred hands gave me a new song
My mouth can tell it all
My pen can write it all
About the BROKEN VEIN that BROKE the Viel.


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They sent them to spy out the land; where the warriors there are super armoured. They came back and tendered their reports. The reports made their fear grew with wings. But two came back, Joshua and Caleb, with great optimism. They faced the congregation and said boldly “the land, which we passed through to search it, is an exceeding good land”. Numbers 14:7.


It takes grace to look beyond the presence and see the future. Joshua and Caleb also saw terrible things that would have made them tendered a fearful report, but they did not. They looked beyond the present, and they saw the exceedingly flourishing land. I posted a short quote last week reading ‘the bravest of all minds is that mind that sees failure and still call it success”.

It is hard, it is difficult, it takes one to walk in another’s shoes to know how it feels. A lot of smiles we see out there are fake, they need those smiles to become real ones. Would you like to be a volunteer? Most times, it is not about the money, it is not about the accessories, it is about the love. Say positive things irrespective of the situations surroundings. A soul need your words, someone need an optimist, you need one too. Speak well to yourself, profess gracious words to your life. Life would be more sweeter if our optimism can take a step higher.



I have something to share with you. On Saturday, I was inside the studio with Rita Omovbude when a guy right there with us gave a lady some bottles of drink to help dispose and help get another ones, thinking she is the cleaner/messenger. Strangely weird, my thought resonated with the guy. She looked like one, and it was glaring to all.

I was awed and dazed when I heard her speak and I got to know that she is an Author that would be interviewed on the next talkshow.

I couldn’t but encapsulate my words into ‘wow’. Most times if not everytime, your appearance is your spokesperson. Let your appearance encapsulate all you’ve got. You don’t have to dress shabbily all in the name of spirituality, poverty or anti-socialism.

A popular adage that I don’t know its domicile or origination says the way your dress is how you’ll be addressed. Of every veracity, the adage is true. Your mode of dressing preaches a lot, so don’t toy with it. I read an update here last week (I can’t trace the source) where a friend found a taxi driver who was well dressed and doesn’t look like a driver. She couldn’t taxi drivers could dress like a Banker.

One of the ways of projecting yourself is with your appearance. Your appearance can advertise what you do, it can tell every potential customer what you specialize into even before embarking on a conversation.

I can remember sometime last month when I went to the market. I entered a particular lady’s shop, she sells her goods in a departmental clothing store, and of all the sellers there, customers troop into her shop to patronise the most. What got me attracted to her was what she was putting on that day, one beautiful gown like that. Her figure said it all. When you see a Nurse, sure you will know.

When you see a Policeman, that uniform already tells you who it is. When you see a Cook, you don’t have to be told. So it must be, when people see, let your appearance and countenance give them good impression(s) about you.


The Man I Married

THE MAN I MARRIED—Episode 8… (Finale)

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“Yes, it wasn’t. My mother came over to take care of me with some concoction. Mrs. Lawson, your boss, came to check on me a day like that. Mama went to the market, you were off to work” He explained.

“Mrs. Lawson? Tell me what I don’t know, Mike”.

“She came that day and we talked. She saw somethings that day in the house which I didn’t see. The woman is great”

“Yes, she is. But why did you say that?”

“Ever since that day, everything changed. Mama could sense it herself. I no longer take those things that was concocted from the coven. She threatened to kill me if I back off from the plans and make you look like the murderer before everyone” Mike said. Continue reading

The Man I Married


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Episode 7

I cut in abruptly. “Ma!”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I was just so concern about you. You are one of the hardworking staff this organisation has, and that deserves the best from this organisation” She said.

“Thank you. I ought to have tell you this, but I’ve been having so many things to deal with. I tender my sincere apology, ma’am!”

Her face showed she was concern and curious.

“Do you mind to share those things?” Mrs. Lawson asked.

“They are nothing serious, I’m getting over it” I smiled sheepishly.

“I must confess that you’ve seriously emaciated. You are not the Mrs. Akpan everyone knew, you’ve changed. Are you being traumatised?” Continue reading

The Man I Married


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Episode 6

“Ken” Mike called him.
My eyes widened with surprise.

Did he just call Ken?
Ken hurriedly left my back to where Mike was standing and hugged him.

“Oh boy, you don chop up ooo” Ken said, teasingly.

I watched the two grown man curiously. My mouth couldn’t quantify the questions I have in my mind.

“See you later, Ken” Mike said after they finished exchanging pleasantries.

Ken winked at me and moved swiftly into the office.
I ferreted for my bag and into the office I entered too. Continue reading

The Man I Married


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Episode 5

“You gave him a hypnotic pill?” I furrowed my eyebrow.
Her facial expression was ruthless, she wasn’t sober like she was before.

“Whatever I say today…” She started chanting some incantations.
I watched her keenly. She brought out a white paper from her armpit.
She whispered some words I didn’t hear to the powder and blew it all over the room.

“Mama, what!” Mike hardly finished his sentence when he fainted.

I screamed! Continue reading


Respect Beget Respect!

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now, but I haven’t felt the fervour urge to do so.
But a particular event triggered this.

Last year December, I met a male Feminist who we were trying to set up a programme for women.
He came along with his friend that day, and you need to see how his friend talked about women, ladies in particular.
He never supported our ideas for once, he smelt and dumped it.

“Those ladies you are fighting for don’t worth it” He said.
I felt somehow within me, because I’m sure he must have experienced somethings before arriving at such conclusion.

You see, when we want females to have a say in the society, we are not talking about females who doesn’t have a say in their own lives. Continue reading



Emmanuela, that young comedian, makes me think a lot.
She is young, she is vibrant, she is smart, she is funny, and very hardworking.

A young girl receiving standing ovations here and there.
I admire her a lot.

Recently, she received an award.
I developed goose pimples when I read the news.

She came from a poor family.
She dusted that fact. Continue reading