Who Is My Father??? – Episode 4

A hand startled me.
“Where do you think you are going?”
I increased my pace instead. I vowed never to look back.

A bullet whizzed past my ear.
“Yeee!” My mother cried out in pain.

Gun shot!

I tugged at the sharp edge of an unfinished building and the cloth broke loose.

I ran towards were she laid in the pool of blood. The blood was gushing out from her neck.
I cried as I pulled at her cloth. I shook her swiftly.

I trampled on the floor as if it was going to crack.

I wailed and somersaulted on the floor.

I wished I never asked her about my father.

I wished I never had anything to do with Tunji.

I wished my mother never conceived me.

I wished she could just resurrect.

But those wishes was just a mere imagination.

The whole event seemed it was rocket-fuelled.

She’s gone! Gone for life! My companion! My life!

The man in red shirt pulled me up,I struggled to let go but to no avail.

I followed him and growled.

What is going to happen to me?

I was panting silently as my throat patched.

“Will you leave me!” I stopped and said sharply.

He slapped my face hard. I screamed!

The pain ran through my veins. It did hurt but I endured.

I don’t care if I die as well,I was determined to do anything possible.

I cried,hitting him with my wounded hands. He stood still. The look on his face showed he was surprised.

“Feyisara Kuti” the man called pulling me to himself.

I looked at his face sharply. He just mentioned my name, Feyisara and my surname, Kuti. That’s my mother’s surname.

“How on earth did you how ehn my…” I said incoherently.

He removed his black specs.

My eyes couldn’t believe who I saw.

“Lan..annn..ree” I stammered.

An old childhood buddy of mine. I met him at my mother’s feet,we grew up in the same area.

“Of course I’m the one. How did u got involved with Mr. Tunji?”

I didn’t say anything. I just fixed my gaze on him.

Finally I said. “What are you doing here?”

“You don’t need that now. Immediately I saw your face, I felt guilty and full of remorse. I don’t want you slaughtered” he looked around as if he’s about to fly away.

“But the other guy won’t allow me do that” he whispered.

“Okay! Okay!. So what do I do now?” I quivered.

“Take to your heels. By a twist of fake, we would see again” He said patting my back.

A sense of fatality gripped me. I nuzzled my eyes against his chest.

Just as he said,I took to my heels. I ran till I couldn’t run anymore.
I reclined on an uncompleted building. My legs felt weak, cold and weary.

My tummy rumbled again. This time,I said my last prayer though I was still a bit optimistic. I thought I would die because I was at the mercy of death.

What a mess! My life has been a mess for the past two days.

I wished it was all a dream.

I wished I didn’t conceptualised the idea of running away.

I wished my mother could just appear and say “Imagine,how could you think I was dead?”

I wished, wished and wished in vanity.

My thoughts flashed back to my mother,my past and those calls I received.

I thought about how Tunji cared for me,how he promised me heaven on earth.”Do people change easily?” I asked myself.

Could it be that the whole saga had received widespread media coverage? Was that why Tunji abducted me?

These unpleasant event reduced me to tears. I fought back my tears but my eyes welled up the more.

“I’m doomed” I said bluntly.

I whimpered like a toddler. I cried over spilt milk.

I awoke from a deep sleep. I touched a bed instead of the floor. I pushed my head up a bit but I couldn’t.

I don’t need anyone to tell me how I got here,but who brought me here was what I needed to ask.

That place doesn’t seems like an area where people live. It’s more or less like a construction site.

“She’s awake! You can come in” the nurse said.

“Feyi!” the feminine voice exclaimed.

I managed to open my eyes.

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