Who Is My Father??? – Episode 6 – Final Episode

“You’re pregnant!” She announced,breaking the silence.


“You are! The doctor test confirmed that.”

“Who’s the Father?”

I was mystified by her question.

I don’t know how to put it!

I don’t know where to start!

I was totally bewildered!

I summoned courage and told her everything. Everything!

“My life is as miserable as a mad man’s life” I concluded as I cried bitterly.

“Hmmm!” She sighed heavily.

My vision went blurred as tears filled my eyes,I blinked it out. I raised my eye lid.

She’s crying!

“Why is she crying?” I questioned myself.

It’s my life and not her life.

“But I know of a man that can underwrite your past. HE will erase your past and write you a better future. Take a sanguine view at the future dear. It’s bright” sis Tara replied.

Awwwn! Jesus again!

I don’t want to raise that,so I managed to elude it.

“When will I get discharged?”

“Very soon. Very early tomorrow morning” she said smiling.

I clasped her hands tightly.”Thank you sis Tara”.

“When will you remove the ‘Sis’ from my name?”

“The day you’ll betray Jesus Christ” I teased.

“OMG! I signed a life contract with him.”

“Sis Tara!” I exclaimed.
“Do make sure you take those prescribed medications as at when due” Doc. Femi enjoined.

I was discharged.

I don’t know how to sew up my tattered life.

I lost my mother!

I lost my job!

I couldn’t deduce what my next step would be.

My past sucks! I don’t want to think about it.

The more I’m in my reminiscences,the more my ventricles gush out blood.

All I aspire for is a new life.

“If you want a new life,a new dream,a new beginning,an happy ending. All you need is Jesus”. Pastor Olajide said during an evangelical outreach I followed sis Tara.

I caught a glimpse of her eyes.

The man of God buttressed her point.

She has been pestering me with Jesus for over three weeks.

Finally! I think I need Him
Three months later.
“You woke up very late” Sis Tara sat down on the couch.

“Yes,I did” I said,placing my soft palms on my protruding belly.

I pulled myself up and my leg ache in pain.

I screamed!

I yelped out in pain!

I’m just seven months gone!

In a twinkle of an eye,I landed in the hospital.

I laboured for over five hours. Doctors,a male gynaecologist and midwives were going up and down.

They want to make sure they put a smile on my ugly face.

My pelvic girdle was too narrow. After the prolonged labour,I was rushed to the theatre for Caesarian Operation. The blood drops had earlier indicated that the foetus was likely dead.

The excessive force I exerted in bearing down had damaged my uterus.

“Only surrogacy can work” the gynaecologist on duty informed sis Tara in a subtle way.

I’ve been put under sedation so she never expected me to eavesdrop on their conversation.

I cried out my eyes!

“But why?” I trampled on the floor the day I got home.

“Why has God chosen to make me cry? I trusted God. I thought He had forgiven me” I roared in pain.

“Take heart,Feyi”

“Don’t tell me what is not” I said in a fury.

I was panting heavily.

“I know I can’t walk in your shoes. You’re a strong lady while I’m not. You’ve passed through hell but I’ve not. You’ve seen life at the terrifying end but I’ve not”

I sniffed heavily.

*Three months later*
“I do!” Sis Tara replied the pastor recitation.

“I introduce to you the newest and latest couple,Mr and Mrs Richard Balogun.”

She got married!

My euphoric mood lasted for the whole day.

I was happy for her,she accepted Christ proposal when he proposed,I didn’t and I suffered for it.


I took off with the next plane flying to London.

I need to start again!
The question “Who is my Father?” brought about the whole mishap,but it gave me the grace to trace my steps to the cross.

If I didn’t ask the question,I would have wallowed deep into sin.

“Many things happened for a reason”



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