Episode 1


The perfume I sprayed made me throw up.

I pushed the tap up and it gushed out water.

I sprinkled my face with water because my eyes suffered from dizziness.

I was about stepping out the toilet when the door slammed open.

“Who is there?” I glided to the door.


He looked tattered,rough and drunk.

“Baby girl,move away for sweetheart”. He uttered gibberish.

“Where have you been?” I questioned.

A hot slap landed on my face. I tottered to my feet.

“How dare you! Who gave you the audacity?” Anger beamed on his wrinkled-free face.

I held my rosy cheek in anguish.

“You slapped me?” I said,slightly out of breath.

“Woman! Get lost!” He retorted.

“Just because of you,I couldn’t sleep. I was up for myriad hours and all I could get is a slap” I sobbed.

“Are you through?” He looked at me disdainfully.

“So,all I had said made no sense to you” I whimpered like a toddler.

“Lola,I married you! So let it stick in your medulla oblongata”

My lips and my hands shivered concurrently. I couldn’t phrase any sentence.

“But I’m not your slave” I spat it out loudly.

“Even a slave can’t be treated like this” A feminine voice shrieked at my back.

Oh goodness!

There was a dead silence!

During the pandemonium,my boss,Mrs Lawson crept in.

“Good Morning,Ma” I muttered.

“There you go! Involving third-party. Are you insane?” Mike erupted into fury and jumped up the cushion.

“I’m sane Mike” I roared.

The shout was loud that it rumbled in me like a storm.

He was about to smack me when Mrs Lawson obstructed his tracks.

“She was not the one…” Mrs Lawson tried to explain.

Mike cut in abruptly
“With due respect,can you leave this mansion before I unleash my anger?”

“Mike!” I screamed and stood on tiptoes,swaying my head at his face.

I turned to face Mrs Lawson.
She’s gone!

“Will you ever change?” I turned to face Mike

“You married me like this!” He snarled.

“This isn’t you,Mike” I replied curtly.

“This is Mike! That young and industrious son of Mr and Mrs Akpan”. He grinned.

“Mike! That young and industrious man that turned his legal wife into a slave!” I exclaimed.

“Define it according to your sentiment. Fool!”. He said swiftly as he pushed me to sit on the cushion.

I gasped for breath.

It’s just a year and two days we got married and he got tired of me already.

Our frequent scuffles caused it!

Where did I got it wrong?


I cried the day she died!


I was in my first year in the University when she died.

Mike and some fellowship members came to pay me a visit then.

When I got to the campus,our closeness grew like a tree in the valley.

I tried my best to avoid him but he was not psychologically sound.

Being a brother in Christ,I just couldn’t imagine he could be like this.

I trusted Mike!

He trusted me too!

How I accepted him was a mystery!

We met in the prestigious Federal University of Technology,Akure.

He was the whizz-kid in his department.

He was also the Vice President of our fellowship then.

His masculine voice wowed everyone.

He was an Architectural student and I was a Biochemistry student…

…was in 600level when I was in 500level.

Even a foetus knew us to be lovers.

It’s true that birds of a feather flocks together.

I love him!

We went to nooks and crannies on the campus together.

We were both writing our finals when he proposed.

I’m an introvert but Mike is just the opposite.

He cuddled me in public.

He even proposed publicly!

“Hello Lolly. I’m in MSS faulty right now. Make your way down here”

I got there and stood arms akimbo at the pillar indicating MSS faulty,boldly written on it.

Someone blindfolded me from the back.

“Mikie” That was what I loved calling him when we played.

The hand got loosed and I saw Mike on his kneels,he stretched forth his hands with a ring on his palm.

It made me blushed!

So he was not the owner of the hand that blindfolded me.

He gestured his hands in the air,in a sign language saying,Will you marry me?

I blushed uncontrollably.

He taught me some significant words in sign language.

Words like “I love you”,”I’m coming”,”Good morning”,”Good Afternoon”,”Good night”,”I’m fine”,”How are you?”,”Will you marry me?” and among the host of others.

I signed back to him with a “Yes”.

The scenerio amused passers-by.

The news got a widespread coverage.

Mike is a blogger,so it spread insidiously. It circulated round the cardinal points on the campus.

“How a 500Level proposed with signs and 400Level accepted with signs—Watch”

His Mother was never in support of our relationship from the outset.

“Lola or what were you christened? Stay away from Mike” Mrs Akpan reproached sternly.

“Leave the poor girl alone” Mike said in a fury.

Despite the fact that Mrs Akpan even branched me a witch…

…Mike stood for me during the trials.

His Father has been a wonderful man but I don’t want to pester the aged man with my marital affairs.

Mrs Akpan(Mike’s mother) was his last wife. Mr Akpan wanted a male child that was why he had to marry them in abundance.

According to what I heard,the wives were sent parking one after another.

“Mrs Akpan must be behind it” I concluded.

Mrs Akpan is just a visible satan here on earth. She made me believe satan is beautiful.

Yes! She has an elegant figure, but she is wicked.

22nd of August 2015,we got married!
“Mike Ifeanyi Akpan will you have this woman Deborah Omolola Adesina to be your wedded wife,to live together according to the law of God in the Holy Estate of Matrimony? Will you love her,comfort her,in sickness and in health;and forsaking all others,keep yourself only unto her till death do you part?” The pastor questioned after no impediment was alleged.

“I will,so help me God” Mike said and caressed my hands.

I couldn’t wait to start a home with him!

I couldn’t wait to mother his kids!

I couldn’t wait to give him my virginity!

I couldn’t wait to be his lawful wedded wife “Mrs Akpan”!

The vows!
An oath of allegiance.

I held it close to my heart.

How I wished someone stood up and made an impediment.

Was I on spell?

I can count the number of times Mike made love to me during the whole year and two days.

A typical rape!

He rammed into me and rode on me like an horse. He is just after he’s selfish pleasure.

Whenever I lodge complain,he marred my face.

“Mike,I’m not ready for this”

“You don’t need to be” he smiled devilishly.

Too selfish!

The vows!

The oath of allegiance!

He had forgotten everything!

How the man I married couldn’t read my mind bothers me.

Mother earnest plea when she was alive was to see me in the best arms.

“Don’t let petty things result into squabbles in your matrimonial home” Mother admonished when she was alive.

Good woman! Rare of her type!

But Father literally portrayed an haughty behaviour.

He deprived me the right of violition.

He knows how to get me pissed off!

The last time I told him about Mike.
“It serves you right. Marry in haste,regret at leisure. I consulted the family’s soothsayer and the man said you’re not meant to be with him. But you prove how bastardious you are” Father railed.


Father speaks english that doesn’t exist.

Father will be the one to tell “you’re rudocious,you’re basterdous,you’re stupiditacious,you are too tutonanious”

Even if you correct him,he won’t listen. He was loath to accept his blunders.

He likes making a fool of himself.
He didn’t consult any soothsayer,he was just trying to cook up something convincing.

He was never in support of our union. He wanted me to marry Femi.

Femi is my childhood friend and a family friend. I met him at my mother’s feet.

Father had been on my nerves since I was in year one to marry Olowofela’s son.

He pestered me to the extent that he marred my body.

He took me to the barrack a day.

I got flogged like a slave.

I’m just an unfortunate being.

Who likes me?

Even if they do,it’s just a pretence.

Early this morning,he called!

“Hello Lola! How are you and your hubby?”

“Baba Soldier,I’m not fine ooo. I have not set my eyes on Mike for the past two days” I sobbed

“The man is not a toddler. Leave him alone. I’m sure he will come back home when he is through.”

“Dad!” I exclaimed.

“Oko mi,Akanke mi,I called to request for money not your hubby sogbo?” He said.

“Don’t even Oko mi at all. It is only when you are in need,that is when you render unnecessary appraisal” I railed.

The phone slipped down my ear.

I got up and sat at the dressing table.

I stared at the rough paper!

The mucus that slipped down my nostril got it wet.


It was boldly written on it.

I’m pregnant…

…Pregnant for Mike!

I grabbed hold of the perfume I was facing and sprayed it.

“No!” I screamed.

I started feeling nauseous and I rushed to throw up in the basin.

But why?

I’m pregnant!

Who should I tell?


That man that rammed the creature between his leg into me?

Mrs Akpan?

That beautiful satan?


That egocentric being?

That’s not possible!

But Why!

What have I done to deserve an unhappy home?

“But I waited on you Lord. I prayed for confirmation. I prayed earnestly. I prayed for a happy home not a sad home. Why?” I screamed.

“You have started again abi?” Mike rushed into the sitting room where I was,in my reminiscence.

He startled me!

“I went inside for over five minutes now,you are here staring at the ceiling.” He railed at me.

He railed on.”They said it,I just didn’t believe them. You’ve been possessed Lola”

He moved close to where I stood,shivering.

I reclined to the wall behind me.

I’m accustomed to hearing people say the floor swallow human being.

I wished it could happen!

I wished I could just disappear and reappear behind him!

I wished someone could just surface and stop him!

I knew I was in hell on earth.

He continued “a wife that cannot cook for me,wash the bathtub,put my bathrobe in order and…”

“I didn’t know you will be coming home this early” I made a strangled cry.

“I said it! So you now engage in extramarital affairs abi?

He stranglehold my neck.

Still continues…
Watch out for Episode 2.
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