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I stood on my feet when Mr and Mrs Akpan came into the hospital.

I genuflected!

“You this possessed woman. I told Mike to stay away from you,he didn’t listen. Were you sent to the Akpan’s family?” Mrs Akpan said,tugging at my cloth.

“Woman! Will you leave the poor girl before I descend on you?” Mr Akpan fired.

He wore a loose kaftan over his bulging tummy.

Even at his seventies,he looks handsome and charming.

“Which poor girl? The one that wants to kill my son. Only if you witnessed the pain I endured before bearing down. I had a breech birth and…” She railed.

“Halt! I’ve told you not to rail unnecessarily umpteen times” Mr Akpan cut in abruptly.

I was blinking uncontrollably.

“Lola,you just turned their back against each other”. My inner said to me.

I’ve vowed never to turn friends against each other.

I just hate it!

I blinked uncontrollably,feeling guilty.

He turned to face me. “How is he?”

“The doctors are still attending to him” I replied.

“What really happened?”

I was so elated. At least,someone wants to hear my own side of the story.

I adjusted my pyjamas that fell off my shoulder.

“We had a little scuffle this morning. He stranglehold my neck,so I had to push him away forcefully,letting him hit his head on the marble wall.” I muttered.

Everywhere went dead silence!

I thought he wouldn’t believe what I’ve just said…

…But he did!

He nodded lucidly.

“What other prove do you need?” Mr Akpan said,turning to face her.

“That what?” She frowned.

“That you brought up a nuisance”

“Menn?” She questioned.

I’ve heard Mike speak the language sometimes ago.

I have no interest to knowing it.

“The doctor would like to see you,Mr Akpan.” Nurse Tosan conveyed the message.

He stood up,moving swiftly towards Doctor Bamigbola’s office. Mrs Akpan followed him.

“Hey! Go and sit down” Mr Akpan said,looking at her scornfully.

I smiled wryly!

She scattered and stretched her hands at me.

I flinched back!

My phone rang but I could not pick it.

It was Mrs Lawson,but I don’t know how to confront her.

Mike poured out his words harshly on her.

I kept on hanging the call.

**10 minutes after–1:12pm**
Mr Akpan dashed in.

“How is he?” Mrs Akpan and I asked concurrently.

He stood arms akimbo.

“What is it?” I asked again.

“They were able to resuscitate him” He announced.

“Thank Goodness!” I said,slightly out of breath.

Mrs Akpan sighed deeply.

“One more thing…” He continued.

“What?” I shouted.

“He had a loss of memory.”

“What!” I let out my voice audibly but it sounded as if I muttered.

My throat were sore after I talked. It patched terribly.

I wished I could just faint!

I wished Mr Akpan could just repeat what he had just said.

My protruding tummy rumbled.

I can’t really call it a ‘protruding tummy’ because anyone hasn’t noticed it yet,but the harbinger of pregnancy were revealing.

I felt the baby,kicking!

I pinched myself,held my tummy and grimaced.

“Stop it,baby” I said,forgetting I was still in their midst.

“Hey! Hey! Even though you feel like being in their midst,we are still here. Apply some common senses” Her eyes blazed with fury.

“Spare me!” I shouted out of frustration.

My eyes widened in surprise!

“Lola,did you just said that?” My internal organs converse with each other.

I just stared at her like a moron!

Her eyes widened in surprise. Her eyes almost jumped out of it’s socket.

Anger boiled in her!

I shifted my gaze swiftly and fixed it on Mr Akpan.

I was happy he didn’t hear anything. He was lost in his thought.

Mrs Akpan burst into tears.

The cry startled him.

“You don’t need it.” He consoled.

“Afi igba ti iwo omo yi papa pami” Mrs Akpan said.

My eyes dilated with surprise

Are my ear deceiving me?

Of course not!

I heard her clearly. She spoke Yoruba for the very well.

Mrs Akpan!


“Doc said he needs someone who will care and treat him like a baby” He explained.

He continued”…and thank God he is married. We won’t have to take him home”

He stood up and patted me on my back.

“Sorry for everything”. He apologised.

I bowed in respect

“Sorry for everything too,sir. Sor…”. The words faded away. I felt like crying.

“Forgive Mike,forgive him for everything. You have to do this for us. You’re his wife” His voice revealed he was about to shed tears.

“I can always be of help” Mrs Akpan said.

“How?” Mr Akpan asked,as if he could read my mind.

“When you’re off to work,I will do that. Doctor said he needs care and as his mother,showing him love is not a problem” She volunteered,smiling devilishly.

Mr Akpan nodded in agreement.

I also fainted!

Still continues…

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