Don’t be Brainwashed!

I am about to dive into a trending phenomenon.
Some folks are accustomed to saying “Pastor said I shouldn’t do this,Daddy G.O said I shouldn’t do that”
It nauseates my sense organ “nose”.
Some pastors don’t even understand the scripture itself,their teachings are based on sentiments.
One of the rigmarole Nigerians are facing is sentimentality.
We deceive ourselves a lot,we play pranks on our emotions a lot.
If you can’t prove your belief,don’t generalise it for all and sundry.
A popular man of God said “A Christian must fast,at least thrice in a week”
A sister in the congregation asked the bible verse.
He struggled with the answer.
He opined that,that is how it is supposed to be,he has his reasons though,but he must have kept it to himself.
One of the big sins I know is to mislead someone. Very delicate!
Jesus never stipulated days,he only mentioned fasting and praying.
A friend had law in mind then,just because “pastor said,daddy G.O says,”she didn’t pursue the career.
It’s a guilt and shame for her now.
That pastor of yours will never fortell about his children but always seeing something about you.
He told you that your destiny doesn’t support car and he drives air conditioned SUV and he even employed a chauffer for himself.
You don’t have a car not to talk of a bicycle,and you were among those who decided to raise fund for him to buy a private jet.
You don’t have time for the children,you’re always going to Daddy G.O’s house. Pastor’s children had never payed you a visit before.
When you can’t pay your children’s fees and you have money to contribute for church project.
“The Lord’s say” has gotten into your head.
As an individual,you have to decide what suite you.
Your pastor doesn’t know your limitations and shortcomings in some departments,so how do you expect him to decide for you?
Pastors are God’s messenger,I’m not disputing that fact but remember they are human.
They are not God!
Blood run through their veins!
They are subjected to make mistakes!
They’ve got flaws too!
God created them!
They are still students in the University of Life.
Don’t place your life in the hands of a man.
The only thing you can do is to tell him you need his prayers.
He might be a soothsayer,that doesn’t mean you should follow him.
He is still a pilgrim so mistakes is inevitable.
You have your knees,fall on it and talk to God yourself.
If things keeps on worsening and you can’t fit into those knees,roll on the floor and mutter your burdens into HIS ears.
Talk to God yourself!
If you’re a hearing impaired person,use those signs and gesticulate to God.
I’m sure God doesn’t sleeps.
It’s quite amazing that those you call man of God are not what you opined,many shrouded their real identity with suits.
Open your eyes!
Don’t let a hungry man brainwash you.
Jesus Christ came to wash away our sins and not our brains.


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