Don’t Conclude!

I’ve come to realise something,it is very wrong for us to conclude on anyone without thorough findings.
Some folks are not what we think they are,situations warrant many.
I was privileged to have a talk with a girl(sex-worker) of 14 yesterday,in the Child Haven’s conference room.
She expressed her bitterness on how people accused her wrongly.
When she was narrating her story,it got to a point that I had to blink out my tears.
This little girl sleeps around with men.
“I only grew up to know my Mother,I don’t know my Father. My Mother re-married when I was in Primary two and I was just eight years old”. She explained.
“Baba Suraj(my stepfather) touched and smooched my sensitive part. I didn’t take cognizance of it because I had a low mentality then.” She continued.
“My Mother died of diabetics a year after and my stepfather took the podium. I stopped going to school,I stopped visiting friends,he(my stepfather) restricted my movement.”
She said on “He even stopped me from wearing cloth within the premises. He rammed into me like a truck that had just lost it’s brake. The moment I realised the act and I protested,he striped me naked and inserted a hot steel into me. After doing that,he thrust harder in me”
“It continued like that for a year and I gave in. I couldn’t protest again,I couldn’t resist him. I didn’t like it but I was helpless. My Mother’s relative were nowhere to be found.”
“I believed that was how it was supposed to be. I thought my trauma was applicable to everyone. I thought that was how men treats women. I thought life was meant to be like that.”
“I ran away from home when the libido in me evolved and that was how I became a sex-worker.”
That is just life!
Many things happened for a reason.
Just because the person do not laugh or smile back at you doesn’t mean the person isn’t friendly.
People go through things you can’t imagine.
Just because he/she stopped calling you doesn’t mean the person had forgotten you.
People are busy with their lives,get busy with yours too.
Just because that friend of yours decided to join the convent doesn’t make your friend a Misanthrope.
Try and read the person’s love story before jumping to conclusion.
Just because you sent a message to a friend when he/she was online and you couldn’t get a reply. That does not mean the person is pompous or proud.
Valuable reasons might warrant it.
Find out!
Don’t conclude!


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