There is this bae on my friend list in 2012.
She was among the first set of friends I had then.
We both had our friends as mutual friends.
In order to promote a cordial relationship,we created a group.
We uploaded pictures,updated status,contested,advised,the list is endless.
As a village girl,I wanted to make friends with everybody in the group.
I added everybody in the group,I sent messages to everyone,I commented on every status,liked every status just to gain a fertile ground.
Everything about this girl engrossed me. I admired her and I wanted us to be friends.
She was the duchess in the group then.
She then wrote to me,”What is wrong with you? You’re taking shots with your chinco phone and you are disturbing us”
She was right! She was using a big phone but na palasa I dey use.
All effort proved abortive and it seemed as if I was forcing myself on her.
So I moved on with my life. The group became as silent as a grave,even till now.
Just of recent,I saw her message.
“Bae,I’ve missed you”
As a nice girl I replied “Missed you too,darling”.
She said “Can I have your contact?”
I gave it.
She’s been trying to make friends with me now,I don’t go a day without receiving her calls.
Life sha!
I learnt a lesson!
You want to know?
Don’t run after anyone because you have nothing.
Strive to make yourself into something and watch them admire you. They will run after you.
I’m very sure if I didn’t move on,would have become her jabbing tool because,since I forced myself into her life,she won’t value my presence.
She now admires me,she want us to be friends.
When bae saw my achievement,it made her stared with astonishment.
I’m not saying I’m there,but I’m not the Eunice she knew 4 years ago,I’m not in the same spot,I’ve scaled many hurdles.
In addition,you don’t make friends with everybody.
Not everyone is meant to have a room in your life,some folks will only stay in the balcony.
Those who stays in the balcony are passers-by,they are not meant to be in your life.
Some friends are to teach you a lesson!
Some are to make you a person!
Some are to render you a mercy!
Your life is an apartment,don’t let out all the rooms,take possession of some.


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