Dear MTN,
Ask for my account number, you will not ask.

Ask for my account balance, you will not ask.

The only thing you know is to send me how to subscribe for daily motivational quote so as to become a billionaire like Bill Gates.

Sumbori must to pay on top quote. Oga o!

You people would be sending messages to request for airtime.

Warrizit gan sef?
I tell you sey I wan call ni.

Someone will be expecting bank alert, you will be sending “Get “ELEKO” by MAYORKUN as your caller tune”
Who Eleko epp?
I am not understanding biko!

Just yesterday, I was in the kitchen when my phone was ringing. You need to see the marathon I ran.

Only for me to get there and saw “33523 calling”.

You people subscribed caller tune for me, I send you?

Any caller that wants to dance should come to Mauve 21 in Ibadan.
Na every saturday dem dey do party.

The next time I’ll be writing to you won’t be funny o.

Your number one customer that can change to your number enemy if care is not taken,

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