My Dear Rat

Dear rat,
In spite of everything you’ve done in this room, I did sought solace in my aggression.
Even the economic recession didn’t have an effect on you.
You’ve been shining like a lily in the valley.
I’m writing this letter to you because, I know you can read very well.
I can remember how you chewed my magazine, and that shows how literate you are.
I hope you can remember how you pierced my IMPORTED handbag on two good sides, and I did not kill you.
Your great-grand-father can’t afford it. Shey you know?
My dear, enough is enough!
I can’t tolerate this!
I went to church yesterday, only for me to come back and I met you, playing on my bed.
How dare you!
Are you okay at all? Hous your body? How did you even mount the bed sef?
This is a rhetorical question, so an answer to this na wash
I’m going to teach you a lesson, that playing on the President daughter’s bed is an offence.
I’m going out to buy that otapiapia now!
You’re dead!
Send my love to Michael Jackson and Dagrin.
Your no-nonsense landlord


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