When I saw the above capitalised sentence,I did understood and I could relate.
It is true that Nigerians don’t read but we read headlines.
When I wrote “we don’t read”,I mean we don’t read in details.
Our inability to read beyond headlines has caused a total chaos on different social media platform.
It caused a pandemonium two months ago on Pastor’s Adeboye’s speech/sermon.
Some folks just read clues online,some only saw comments and went to create a scene on their wall.
A lot of them heard the gist and jumped on this platform with pseudo-opinions.
This same inability has made a lot of readers misquote what we,writers,write at times.
Some people don’t read in details and they claim to be an expert in that thing.
Sorry I diverted into that,just felt like sighting an example.
Presently,I can’t even move an inch on my New Feed without stumbling on updates on FEMINISM.
It’s everywhere!
I smiled wryly when I read one a couple of minutes ago.
Some folks don’t even understand what FEMINISM is.
If your own definition for FEMINISM is “the belief and aim that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men”,then you are just a fresher in the school of FEMINISM.
I’m not disputing that definition,but as a Feminist,just as you’ve claimed,you need to go in depth than that.
It’s just as if you asked a graduate what the meaning of Noun is,and he/she said “Noun is the name of any person,animal,place or thing”.
Tarrh! You won’t take that!
That is just how FEMINISM is,it’s beyond fighting for women’s right.
Some Feminist on this platform are not getting it at all.
If you still refer yourself to that Layman’s definition as what FEMINISM is,then you need to grow up.
As in,real growth.
A lot of ladies who had done atrocities in the past,then mount this platform and start forming Spirikoko sister for us. That is FEMINISM.
Read beyond headlines,read the content.
Go and read books on;
-What FEMINISM is?
-The first feminist
-What brought about FEMINISM
-The origin
-The greece/latin word FEMINISM was coined from.
-Schools of thoughts that approved FEMINISM.
-How predecessor fought for FEMINISM.
-The aim of FEMINISM.
-The attribute of a Feminist.(I think this is what most feminist should know about).
Ehn ehn!
After you’ve scaled through,you can mount this platform and teach others.
Thank you!


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