Joy filled the atmosphere;

When I had to spare;

Nothing but the wail to hear;

Making my small presence clear;
My heart sings;

The joy bell dings;

No mortal page can show;

Nor it’s worth one knows;
Far and near I rode;

For wealth and gold;

To soothe my soul;

In my heart that glow;
All I want I got;

Yet,my heart carve for more;

Harder I work to acquire;

All that I sincerely desire;
Time ran faster than I expected;

Age came by as I accepted;

Leaving a whiten hair to shave;

Agility rode past as I wave;
A wise man I know of;

Solomon the man God showed love;

I reasoned with his thought;

When the book of Ecclesiastes I sought;
What profit hath he that worketh;

In that where he laboureth;

Yes,the life we live we lend;

Because we all have a paramount end;

Photo Credit: Goodness Mofifoluwa



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