People Sha!

If you are extra-ordinary intelligent,they will be like “Shey na only hin sabi book ni?”.
If you are not very academic,they will be like “You’d better go and wash your head”.
If you are blacky type,they will be like “Na Lucipher do your finishing touches”.
If you are very fair,they will be like “carowhite on point”.
If you update status a lot,they will branch you a talkative.
If you stop updating status,they will be like “their data don finish”.
If you are ripe for marriage and you are yet to show them your fiance/fiancee,they will be like “Egbon,you never bring them.abi una don forget”.

If you got married at an early age,they will murmuring “Na only you dem design marriage for”.
Human being! The being you can never please.
The moment you try pleasing MAN,you displease GOD


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