Stand out, Be Unique!.

A church member put to bed last month,so I decided to pay her a visit last week.
I only told her I will be coming but I didn’t mention the specific date and time.
I got to the area and started asking everybody “the house with the black gate”.
I was unable to reach her number and I admitted that as my fault.
Fortunately for me,I met a lady and told her I was looking for a young woman who put to bed a few weeks ago.
She laughed and said “Auntie,I can count the number of people that just put to bed in this area.”
She pointed to a bungalow adjacent to where we were standing and said “A lady put to bed safely in that house yesterday night”
I was disturbed. This one that na everybody they born pikin I don’t know if I should turn back or press forward.
I told her she lives in a house with a black gate,what I said disgust my ear because we were standing at the front of a blck gate.
She then said “Can you please tell me another thing about her?”
Then I said she is a qualified Teacher. I was about to mention her name but she was swift in action.
She mentioned the woman’s name and even the new baby’s name.
You might find yourself in the crowd,but be distinct.
Let people see the difference between you and others.
Let there be a specific thing that can differentiate you from others.
If you are a writer,let your writing style be different from others.
If you are a seamstress,be an distinguish fashionista.
If you are a mechanic,be different from others.
If you a butcher,let your product be unique.
The only person that can describe you is YOU.
You’re a the best thing that can ever happen to yourself,so be the best and unique for yourself.


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