A great supporter you are;
A curling STEM you have;
You pave the way for the plant;
To climb on you to stand;
A slender curl of hair;
Sparkling and shinning in the air;
Thread-like part you bear;
And your favourite colour you wear;
In my reminiscence about your origin;
Darwin’s monograph made it vivid;
The reason behind you,not rigid;
You’re a terminal leaflets rind;
You laced against ragged fence;
Forgetting it’s a mess;
You nestled against bare wire;
Forgetting in it,is a fire;
Only if human can be like you;
You shut the door for a foe;
Gives hope for plant than two;
To climb upon you;
Beautiful leaves you breed;
In spite of the fact you’re weak;
Flexible but accommodating;
Weak but exhilarating;
Tiny but captivating;
Curl and spiralling

<a href=”http://http://tamara-kulikova.blogspot.com.ng/2010/08/tendril.html“>Image Credit/a>


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