The Trade Called SLAVERY.

Tied up in chains and fear;
The horror and inhumanity they couldn’t bear;
Working day and night as if beaten with a snare;
Ignorance is the most horrible thing that had covered their face;
They knew no other means than to give her out for sale;
A hefty man surfaced the next day;
Wanting to have her hands in marriage as they would say;
Knows fully well she was going to have a stay;
She closed her eyes and wish she had been slain;
Sold to the man at the back of the crowd;
Who came to her grinning and proud;
The stranger grabbed her hands leading the way;
To where she would be working night and day;
When she was exhausted and could work no more;
She would get a whipping and fall to the floor;
Her body so small in pain you could tell;
All this torture it felt like hell;
She thought all this horror may just be a phase;
She realised how life could be so unfair in her race;
She had had enough and it was time to say goodbye;
She tampered with her life and bade everyone farewell.


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