These Gossipers Sha!

I was inside the commercial bus this morning when the man who was sitting next to me started this gossip of a thing.
He suited like a Banker, it was when I had a rethink, that was when I knew a Banker would be at work that time.
His gossip-mate, a young lady, paid rapt attention with keen interest.
They started with the lady that took the special song yesterday in their church. The young lady remarked the lady’s voice with disgust.
They moved into the Pastor’s daughter and her husband issue, when it looked as if they had nothing to say again, they started discussing about a disabled sister in their church.
As if that was not enough, they jumped into their Church member’s daughter that was called into the bar last year.
The lady was like “Is she not too small?”
I don’t need anyone to tell me that was all jealousy
They were mute for a while before the lady interrupted the solemn atmosphere.
The marriage coming up next week in their church became their subject. I think the couples are not elaborating it.
Everyone hissed, looking at them disdainfully.
As in, that was just too much of a Christian.
They find it very lovely, terming people’s name.
When they were about to get down, the man gave their transport fare to the conductor. The conductor collected the money from him scornfully.
The man was so annoyed and was like “Don’t you have respect for your elder ones”.
The driver replied “E sokale jare, e ti le rojo ju (come down joor, you talk too much).
The lady was about to reply him when the conductor threatened to slap her.
Did I just call that a threat?
I’m sure it’s not, Ibadan guys no dey look face.
I don’t just get it!
They’ve defamed a lot of people’s image and someone insulted them, they took an offence to that.
We find it very easy to point out people’s fault, jest on their shortcomings, marvel at their disappointments, what have you.
Even if you’ll point at their faults, do it wisely, let them relate with the message you’re trying to pass.
Let your corrections proclaim love.
Let that thing be in you, yes, that thing.
It’s called “Self-realisation”.
Even if you will make jest, give them alternatives.
Tell them what they don’t know and what they should know.
Teach them with love!
Let your words heal, and not kill.
Give comforting words, not words that would further quench their spirit.
Just because that friend of yours got pregnant out of wedlock doesn’t give you any right to form a round table on it.
Give words of hope!
Tell her it’s not the end of the world!
Tell her things can still work out well!
Tell her there is a always a second chance and don’t forget to add “Later can be never”. That should quicken her plans enough.
Don’t let people see you as a barrier in their life.
Don’t make life complicated for them.
Don’t let them feel bad about their existence.
Don’t let them look at you and say “I wish I didn’t meet you”.
Don’t let them see you as an obstacle on their way.
Let them look at you and say “You were one of those people I spent the best of my life with”
Let them look at you and say “Because of you, I didn’t give up”,
Let there be a day you’ll be called upon in a ceremony and they would say “you were there for me in time of distress”.
Let that disabled sister in church tell her families “That sister/brother made me find an ability in my disability”.
My Management lecturer would say, “A simple and short sentence can heal a soul”
Be positive!
Don’t be a partner in gossip, be a partner of blessing.
Gossip won’t help you too.
You don’t know?
Have you forgotten BOOMERANG?
What goes around, will definitely come around.
Do good, so good things will come around.


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