Let it stop!
It’s apparent everyone wants to become a celebrity,everyone wants to be in vogue,everyone wants to please all and sundry.
I’m not disputing the fact,but be real.
Some folks church wears sweeps the floor,just wait for the next day,hardly will it touch their knees.
Everyone wants to speak and write bombastic English,no one likes or appreciate simple and correct english.
Only if they understand what they’ve written,it would have been preferable.
After reading their piece,my poor head will start pounding.
The way some folks murder and crucify english often send English into exile.
Hain! Leave brother English alone.
Is it by force to write bombastic English?
Who english epp?
I entered GTB toilets last months. I saw a lady taking shots inside the toilets.
You will start seeing “Chilling in my bakuzi in banana inland”,”Me,myself and I in my new apartment”,”Take a look at my restroom”.
Chai! There is God ooo.
Some even go extra-miles in renting shoes and clothes for occasions,when you’re not Jennifer.
Some folks camouflaged themselves with Bible Scripture Challenge,pretending to be Christians.
Hardly do they read bible,hardly do they go to church and they will start bragging unnecessarily.
And you call that Christianity…Issorit!
Hypocrisy should take a halt!


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