Dear gossipy,
You are better off without going to church.

I see no reason why a being will decide not to utilise the brain wisely.

Pray, you won’t pray.

Sing, you won’t sing.

You will be looking like moron inside the church, as if you’re the one that killed Jesus.

At times, I start to imagining if you have mouth sore…
But you don’t!

You’ve just made yourself a useful tool for gossip.

Let’s wait till the end of the service, we know how you jab the running mouth.

You gossip around as if it’s your call, create joints where you gossip, and even argue on top another person’s issue like senators.

You will be the one that would notice sister Lagbaja’s headtie, how she tied it wasn’t attractive enough.

Just because that sister decided to have a lowkey wedding, you have to guts to tell everyone she is pregnant.

Na you go sabi the sister that wore the same cloth for two consecutive sunday.

Is it your cloth?

No one has ever looked beautiful before you. It’s either they are too fair or dark.

They take am do you?
I am not understanding biko.

You need deliverance ooo, and that is what we’re about to do.

Oya come forward, forward, just come.
Oya kneel down.

Oya place that hand you use in gesticulating wildly when you gossip on your head.

Scream this, loudly. “Oh Lord! I want sense!”

Thank me later.
Your Pastor Miss,


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