Dear sister,
If the only thing you think life is all about is marry, reproduce, then die.

My sister, you’d better correct that mentality of yours.

Life is not all about bringing forth offspring.

If life is not more than that, then it’s not worth living for then.

The only verse in the bible you can recite offhand is Gen 1:28 (…Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it..)

Shey you don’t that same bible said you should do things with moderation.

Don’t be a liability!
Don’t bore children you won’t cater for.

Don’t populate the country for us biko.

If need warrant it, probably your libido is going haywire. Go for family planning.

Ohh! They don’t allow it in your church? :O

I am shaking my head for you. I’d love to see the help the church will render.

That your pastor that won’t even take a glimpse of you. I pity you.

Don’t give birth because, your friends are giving birth.

Don’t give birth because, you know it’s an everyday thing.

Don’t give birth, because they say “Someone give birth to you, you must also give birth to someone”.

Don’t let that stupid ideology eat into your brain.

Give birth because you can stand for those children.

Give birth because you can cater for them.

Give birth because you can nurture a child, especially a girl child.

One more thing, shine your eyes before you say “Yes”.

Don’t allow love overwhelm you.

“But he said he loves me”
Chai! I’m laughing in Chinese for you.

That guy you’re seeing don’t have any problem.

Just watch him dress, I bet you won’t believe it.

A man don’t get old easily. He can look like a bachelor after he is suit.

But your case is a special one, only God knows the number of naming ceremony you’ve done this years.

You husband is evergreen, but you’re already looking like an aged woman.

My sister, you need to think, think and think.

You’re just 24 and you already have six children.

Now, you will shouting which way Nigeria.

You won’t stop bearing children, and you practically complain about everything in the country.

My sister, kole werk!
Na brother falz sang am.

You’re the problem Nigeria needs to alleviate.

Stop yanking your legs up and down.
Don’t disgrace womanhood for us.

Please be a good example to that girl child in your area and not a child-bearer.

Thank you!
Your single sister,


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