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Episode 4

My eyes dilated with surprise.

“Nothing!” I said, shaking my head vehemently.

He stared at me for minutes that seemed like eternity.
He turned back swiftly, heading for the bedroom.

“Mike” I called.

“Mike” Mama called out too.

Guilt started stabbing my heart, that was not the Lola he has known me to be.
Everything I displayed seemed like a nollywood movie before them.
I fell on the chair. My tummy rumbled, causing me a backache.

I haven’t tell him I was pregnant, his present situation has erased the thought of telling him.
Does he even understand what pregnancy is?

I wiped the sweat away from my face, my throat patched, my tummy rumbled again.
I was very hungry. I caressed my protruding stomach. Since the Doctor confirmed it, I haven’t registered for ante-natal, not to talk of visiting ante-natal.

I reclined on the chair, reminiscing about the day.
Kens really displayed affection today and I welcomed him.

I brought out my diary from the shelf.
“Dear diary,
Everyday has always been a normal day, but today was a special day.
The day seemed like an hectic one when your Mother-in-law tried someone funny, but crazy today.
It turned into a lovely one when a colleagues offered to help, even though you were adamant at first.
He found your ring, and I still didn’t know where he saw it.
I must confess that I overreacted, Mama trampled on my gentility.
I regretted ever doing it, but couldn’t withstand the tension that overwhelmed.
Mike is fairing, he just acted a scene I know to be in Nollywood.
My dear, the foetus is bouncing, kicking, and protruding every now and then.
To say I’m tired, is a gross understatement.
I look forward to writing to you soon!

Signed: Ade-Lola”

Mama was standing right before me, I met Mama’s eye. That moment, I felt for her. Her face looked melancholic.

She looked away and left the sitting room.
I did not bother to call her back. I’ve had enough, I needed some rest badly.

“Whatever…whatever…whatever…” The voice was chanting.

I jumped to my feet, staggering to gain my stand.

I rubbed my eye with the side of my hand, that was when I realised I slept off in the sitting room.

The voice kept on repeating the word and some other words that was not audible enough for me to hear.

I traced the voice to Mike’s room. Fear gripped my hands when I was about knocking the door.

I ran to Mama’s room to confirm her presence there.

She wasn’t there. Definitely, she must the one.

“Whatever I say today…” I heard the voice, and those words clearly.

Mama’s voice!
“What is she doing in our room?” I asked myself.

I eavesdropped behind the door.
“Lick it” Mama said.

I was already going haywire.
Lick it?
Lick what?

“Not like that, fold it here” She said again.

“Put this under your armpit” She said again.

Put this!
Lick this!
Do that!
I wasn’t comfortable with all she was saying.

“Force the door open” My inner said.

I rubbed my palm together, defusing my tension.

I eavesdropped on her again.
“Lick it now!” She exclaimed!

By then, sweat was pouring off me. I removed my suit, I loosened my skirt. I was about putting off my shoe when I mistakenly hit my hand on the door.

I froze with terror, letting my hands shake terribly.

I eavesdropped again!

She didn’t hear the sound, probably because it was a slight knock.

“Is the dispenser working? Let me get you some water.” She was mute for a while, then continued. “Bow your head and say after me”.

“Bow kini? You have failed. He is not bowing anything.” I banged in.

Immediately I dashed in, she dropped the water she collected from the water dispenser and a kind of juju alike of a thing on the floor.

I was so speechless that I could only open my mouth agape.

I was totally bewildered by Mike’s state. Saliva was dripping down his mouth, his scleras revolved around in their socket.

“What have you done to him?” I screamed.

Her lips, hands, trembled with fear.
“Mama, I need you to tell me everything that happened in this room” I whispered gently.

I was pacing the whole room, expecting an answer from her.

“Tell the truth” I snarled, tugging at her nightdress.

She gasped for breath, and I let go of her.

I reached out his denim jacket and balaclava. I wore it for him in a twinkling of an eye.

I was so weak and began to whimper.

After five minutes, he calmed down.
“Lola” He said.

“What happened?”

“S.s.s.s..she” He stammered.

“Ehn! When did he become a stammerer?” I faced Mama.

I’ve always envied her beauty whenever I looked into her eyes, but I did not give a damn about it now.

“” He stuttered the more.

Tears welled up in my eyes. Before I could fight back the tears, I burst into tears.

“Damn it! This was not the man I married. The man I married don’t stammer, neither…” I stopped what I was saying when I sighted a pill on the table.

Hypnotic pill!
I can recognise it, I took one when I was ill sometime ago.

Our family doctor gave it to me when it seemed as if I couldn’t sleep myself.

“You gave him a hypnotic pill?” I furrowed my eyebrow.

Her facial expression was ruthless, she wasn’t sober like she was before.

“Whatever I say today…” She started chanting some incantations.

I watched her keenly. She brought out a white paper from her armpit.

She whispered some words I didn’t hear to the powder and blew it all over the room.

Still continues…
Watch out for Episode 5.


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