I entered a MTN outline shop for my sim registration on friday. During the registration, a fair lady banged in. She was lost to words, and was sweating profusely.

Everyone told her to calm down and catch her breath very well.
Without much ado, they asked her what was wrong. She said Mrs Ekanem’s daughter, who happens to be her boss was rushed down to the nearby hospital not so long. She then mentioned the fact that they were asked to bring a particular amount and she(her boss) couldn’t afford it.

I read a story like that in the Bible, but I saw it with my naked eye on friday. Everyone inside the shop and the nearby shops rushed into their shops almost at the same time. I was lost, since I was a stranger.

I knew something that day. In spite of the recession, people can still render financial assistance.

Curiosity overwhelmed me. A lady then said “She must not die, that woman is too good to lose a child at her age”. That was what I heard and I deduced what was happening instantly. I was touched that tears welled up in my eyes.

A woman that sells home appliances also said “She has never begged for help before, she is committed to giving, let’s do this for her.”

They were able to gather excess money for the lady in less than five minutes. When the lady was leaving, everyone(adults) from that complex followed her.

I was left with the shop owner. He begged me because he wasted my time. But he didn’t, I left there with a great lesson.

Who said doing good doesn’t pay? It pays!
There is this immeasurable fulfilment you get when you’re committed to giving than receiving.

If you’re only committed to receiving, you’d better change.

I learnt the woman is a civil servant, the salary ish caused the whole rigmarole. Just because she sowed, impacted, touched many lives positively, they were all ready to replicate the love she showed.
I learnt she sponsored the two public primary school student education.

Don’t wait till they announce it in the church before you visit the orphanage.

Don’t wait till that brother dies before you contribute to his funeral service. Why don’t you contribute to his health care?

Whatever you want your future to look like, you have the key. The future start now, don’t join the minds of people who says “Tomorrow is there”.

Let me tell you, tomorrow is now!
Quote me anywhere!

Don’t let your giving be “Because they preached it on sunday”. My dear, such giving lacks fulfilment. Give out wholeheartedly.

Don’t wait till they preach it before you do it. Do it because you know what giving is, do it because you see a future in impacting.

There are these children in your area, you’ve been seeing them at home for the past two weeks. Your children are dazzling, your salary is non-stop, your life is going on smoothly.
When you investigated, you found out they were sent away from school because of their fee.
Have you found time to help?

You neighbour’s child failed Mathematics, and you studied pure mathematics in school.
Have you ever thought of rendering the services without being paid?

When I had a poor performance in financial accounting then, my accounting teacher offered to help me after the school closing hour without collecting a penny.
Do you think I will ever forget her when I finally get there?
Absolutely NO!

You see that brother in your church every sunday. Your rag is better off than his suit, and your suits are numerous that you don’t even know which to wear at times.
Have you stretched forth your hands to give?

You don’t go a day without seeing those small children that hawks very early in the morning before they could go to school. You have the money, you just do not want to help.
Have you ever thought of setting up a business for there parent?

They announced a sister whose illness was diagnosed as cancer. You don’t see any reason why you should deny yourself of that thing and help the sis.
You don’t know what the future holds.
Have you given it a second thought?

You don’t go a day without seeing your neighbour trekking miles before he/she gets to the junction.
Have you thought of giving him/her a ride?

Time is a circle, it evolves around the moon everyday. Life is also a circle, you don’t know where the whirlwind will face tomorrow.
Do you know what BOOMERANG is? The law says “what goes around, will definitely come around”

A great theorist said, “the only thing people will remember you for, are those lives you touched positively without expecting a penny back”.


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