Did you experience this when you were young? Either any of your parents, teachers or someone else might have asked you this question during your childhood. ‘’What will you love to become in future”?. I am very sure that many of us would have found different answers to this challenging question by saying; I want to become a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, journalist, or a contractor and etc.

Truly, it is an amiable dream if a child aspires for any of this fabulous careers but how possible can he/she achieve this dream?

What is dream? Dream in another way, means a hope or wish which one aspires for. Therefore whoever dreams of something fabulous is also building a qualitative future for him/herself.

What do I mean by building a qualitative future? It means the process of taking some vital and necessary steps at early age in order to achieve a good and superb future for oneself. In this case, to achieve a qualitative future requires some steps. These steps are very encouraging and helpful enough for anyone who wants to build a qualitative future.

The steps are as follows:

1. DISCOVER YOUR TALENT: – Talent is a special natural ability or skill which is available at your disposal for people to utilize it. However one needs to be careful when it comes to this. That is, it is very advisable to discover a relevant talent which will make a good and positive impact.

2. SET A GOAL: – A person who is willing to build a qualitative future should have a particular purpose. So he/she is expected to be aiming the future achievement. One should be aspiring something favorable which will benefit other people and yield an awesome result.

3. PLANING: – ‘’failure to plan is planning to fail’’ Therefore planning is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal. It is also a tactical action which serves as a tool for achieving an aim or goal. So anyone who wants to build a qualitative future should be able to plan and formulate the actions, ideas, or scopes that are necessary to be taken toward it.

4. SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITIES: – ‘’If a window of opportunity appears don’t pull down the shade ‘’. This means one should take every chance to do something reasonable at early time.

5. SUBDUING DIFFICULTIES:- Not every time will things continue being smoothly. Unforeseen obstacles are bound to happen in humans life sometimes but the fact is that, we should not tremble. Rather, we should always be ready to overcome them. One cannot build a qualitative future if he/she is not ready to overcome obstruction or hindrance.

6. BE DETERMINED: – This means to have a strong desire to do something so that you will not let anyone stop you. Challenges may come from anyone, it may come from the family member, your intimate friend or from anyone else but if you are strongly determined, it is very sure that no one will stop you from making a good future.

7. BE FOCUSED: – Focus is the concentration of one’s attention. Therefore, If you want to crate a qualitative future, you need to concentrate on your attention and also develop your passion toward it. In this aspect, you are expected to give no room for any attraction which cannot give you a little support in achieving your dream.

8. HAVE A MOTIVATOR/ MENTOR: – A motivator/mentor is a knowledgeable person. They are meant to encourage and embolden someone. They give advice to people and guide them through difficulties in life. A motivator/mentor could be either both or any of one’s parents, a teacher, a friend, any of one’s family members or someone else. Therefore, it is very advisable for anyone who intends to build to a qualitative future to have a wise and trusted counselor who will put him/her through.

9.PARTNER WITH GOD:-‘’With God all things are possible ‘’ and also ‘’man proposes, God disposes’’ This means human beings can make any plans they want but it’s for God to decide their success or failure. So, anyone who wants to create a qualitative future should strongly seek God’s help, assistance and blessings. Such a person should move closer to God in prayer and summon him towards his/her endeavor.

10. BE OPTIMISTIC: – Being optimistic means to be expecting the best in all possible ways. Therefore, a person who wants to build a good, awesome and superb future should be an optimist. He/she should always believe that things will be better, easier or more successful in the future.
In conclusion, by taking these steps, you are already building a qualitative future for yourself at early age which will give you the advantage of living a meaningful and undependable life when you grow older in future. It will also enable you to achieve your dream and make you become an important person in the society. Anyone who takes no step towards his/her future always ends up being a nonentity. Therefore, let’s decide to build our future now that we still have the time. ‘’Your destiny lies in your hands’’ Help yourself, help others and become someone valuable in the future.

Written By Speaker DS Aluko

I appreciate the CEO of this motivational blog, in the person of Miss Eunice.

Thank you!


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