So many questions I can’t even give answers to.
“Are you the owner of that baby you’re backing?”
A guy saw me last week and was like “Who is the father?”
Well, it’s no new anymore. I got pregnant a year ago, it was even a friend of mine that noticed it.
Though it was a pregnancy out of wedlock.
I had this wonderful room mate who was a postgraduate while I was an undergraduate. She
was older than me, very older! She is a married woman, but still waiting for the fruit of the womb. Her husband comes around every weekend to pick her.
I got to the hostel one night, and I met my room mate, Elizabeth, snoring loudly.
I didn’t want to disturb her because of my stiletto heel shoe, so I tiptoed as I entered.
“Thief Ole” She said, faintly.
I paused. “Sis Eli, so you’re pretending”. I poked her. We both laughed.
“How was your day?” She asked.
“You should know the answer to that, always hectic.” I said, as I undid my button one after the
other. She sat up, crossing her legs like that of an Imam.
I caught a glimpse of her eyes, she was factually staring at me as I undressed. Before I knew it,
she pulled me to sit.
“I want to ask you some questions and I want nothing from you than the truth” Elizabeth said.
“Was that why you pulled me?” I said, giving her a jokingly contemptuous look.
She started asking questions that touches the heart. She was like “When did it happen that you
didn’t tell me?”
It got to a point that I felt like slapping her. How could she conclude that I was pregnant without
carrying out the necessary test?
We went for the test the next day, even though I was very reluctant.
Lo and behold, it was positive!
If only the floor would swallow me that day, I wanted it to happen, I was ready for it.
I’d love to disappointment anybody, but God was not on the list.
I left school for my house the next day, which was on a friday evening. On getting home, I met
Father, Mother and my fiance in the sitting room.
I seemed as if they were waiting for me.
My eye almost jumped out of it’s socket.
“But I didn’t tell anyone I would be coming. He knows about it? Who told him?” These were
rhetorical questions I was asking myself.
“Welcome” Mother greeted.
“Th..than..thank you” I stammered.
“Sit down” Father gestured, pointing to the chair next to my fiance.
I uttered some silent prayer, as I prayed that it must not be the pregnancy stuff. I am a kind of
person that walks swiftly, so I do not expect anyone to have noticed my belly or my full
“Don’t be surprised. The news is everywhere, you’re the latest gist in town, church, school,
facebook, etc., now.” Father adjusted his oval shape glasses and continued. “Who is
responsible for that thing in your belly?”
I almost collapsed!
I glimpsed at my fiance, Mother and fixed my gaze on Father.
Father doesn’t tolerate nonsense. The old soldier was tapping his feet on the ground. He was
eagerly waiting for an answer.
“What is it in ‘who is responsible’ that you don’t get?” He roared.
“Take it easy with her” Mother said.
I looked at Mother in the eye. Everyone knows I was Mother’s doppelganger terribly. I saw myself
that day. The way she puckered her face was how I puckered mine.
“This young man sitting there,” Father pointed my fiance out. “He made it known to us that he
hasn’t met with you before. Aunty, do tell me who is responsible before I unleash my anger”
He cupped his jaw in his right palm.
Anger boiled in his eyes, Mother sighed deeply, my fiance reclined on the chair, my heartbeat
increased. It got to a point that I lost count of the beating. I knew what could happen thereafter. Father is a great disciplinarian, he doesn’t tolerate nonsense.
“I don’t know who is responsible” I declared.
Boo’s eyes were red. He stood up.
“Dear sir and ma, this is the junction where I’d like to say goodbye.” He genuflected and went
“I’ve always known you to be a good lady, but when you became a sex-worker was when I did
not know.” Father said, heading for his room.
I’d started packing my things before my fiance arrived the next day.
The insult rained on me yesterday was enough to send me parking.
My eyes dazzled with surprise, boo’s face dazzled with smile.
“Dearie” He said, showcasing his well-arranged white teeth.
That was quite unusual, even when we were still courting he’d rather call me my name instead.
What is he doing here after he bade his farewell?
“Mum around?” He asked. I nodded affirmatively.
“Dad around?” He asked. I nodded again.
The couple, Mother and Father, emerged from the room.
Father facial expression depicted surprise,
Mother’s own was not left out.
“I am responsible” He said.
“Is he on spell?” I asked myself.
The atmosphere went still.
“Ehn, you see” Father cleared his throat. “We’re not fools”
Mother cut in “And don’t think we’ll ever be one”.
“I’m sorry to disappoint you, I am responsible. We will bear the burden, we will carry the cross,
we will face the headline, we will reply the comment, we will update the status, we will upload the pictures.” Boo said.
I was speechless, I was lost to words, I couldn’t deduce what was happening. If it was a movie,
imagination, fictional story, or it was non-fiction. I just did not know!
He cupped my shoulders into his hands, and caressed them gently.
“I’d appreciate it if you could allow her stay with me till she put to bed”.
The day I put to bed was very crazy. I didn’t experience prolong labour, but I saw hell on earth
that day.
I was just eight months gone when I put to bed.
Boo wasn’t expecting the baby’s arrival that day.
Boo’s uncle invited us to come visit him. His uncle lives in Belgium. We went for our visa
registration that significant day.
“Next” The young lady on the counter called out.
Fortunately, we were the next person.
I made to stand up, but my leg ached.
It sounded funny when I told boo the baby was coming. He was like “In the lobby?”
Pain gripped my uterus, my legs, my hands, my nose, my hair, my shoulder, the list is endless. It
sounds as if I’m exaggerating but I’m not. The pains were much.
I was rushed to the staff clinic. Unfortunately, the only trained nurse they had was also on
maternity leave.
No one was expecting a pregnant woman to come, the clinic was mainly set up for minor
injuries sustained by the staff.
“What do we do now?” Boo questioned, showing a grimace of pity. Tears clouded his eyes.
He is the emotional type, seeing him in such a mood did not got me astonished.
“I will be…” Before I could finish the sentence, a lad drew boo away. Their conversation was long
and becoming unbearable for me, I wanted boo around.
“I want to poopoo” I screamed. Boo and the lad ran back. Boo was sweating profusely.
“You want to poopoo?” He asked. I nodded like an agama lizard.
“She must not poopoo here ooo” the lad shouted.
They carried me into a toyota van that was very stuffy. I could smell urine, and it nauseated me
the more.
The lad said his mum was a midwife, and she lives in the neighbourhood street, that was why
we decided to follow him.
We were about to reach her house when my baby jumped out like poopoo. Hehehehe.
You want to know my baby’s name?
His name is Emmanuel.
PS: This story is not fictional. Mathew 1:18-21,
Luke 2:1-14 expatiated more on this.


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