I was about entering my compound yesterday evening when I heard a feminine voice shouting my name from afar.

No one bears Eunice in my area(probably they don’t call them sha), so it’s definitely my own Eunice.

I looked back and saw a young woman, I’ve seen her before but I couldn’t deduce where.

We got talking. After a long description, I factually deduced where I met her. She was the woman that sells junks very close to a tutorial I attended then.

Back then, she was lean due to insufficiencies, but the woman’s physique I saw yesterday astounded me. Extremely different!

She wasn’t the only one selling junks for us then, they were like four, but we all patronise her.
You know why? Because she projected herself.

She was so friendly that her smile would definitely move you to buy from her. When other sellers were tying wrapper, this woman would always suit up. The way she wrapped the chops were different.

I got to know that she now has a shop and many apprentice, and not just a shaded place she stays then.

I don’t need any soothsayer to tell me the woman would flourish, it was apparent to all and sundry. Success is all over her, because she used the key.

It’s a thing to find yourself among entrepreneurs of the same pursuit, it’s a different thing to standout.

Not everyone you see outside there are using juju to become rich, what really helped many was how they projected themselves.

I keep telling anyone who cares to listen that we have many hairstylist, but my OWN hairstylist is the best. Not because she can make my hair very well, I know a lot of people who can make hair very well than she does. But there is this unique thing about her which is how she welcomes everyone into the salon with love.

Many people ran away from entrepreneurship because they lack projection.

I can give twenty fashion designers the same yards of cloth, but do you know they can produce varieties of sumptuously sewed wears?

Projection is not always about skills, it includes your attitudes towards customers.
You want to earn, and you keep shouting at the customers. My dear, kole werk!

The way some people snarl at customers can be very terrifying. You’ll be like “Madam, are you okay?”

We have many actress, but do you know Jenifa(Funke Akindele) is different? She realised other actresses in the industry speaks good english, and she decided to make a difference.

Let people differentiate you from others, show them what you can do that others cannot.
A lot of people term it “pride”, but I’m glad to tell you it’s not, my own dictionary says it’s projection.

When people are advancing, advance with them. Don’t be stagnant.
Learn from people, make good use of social media platforms.

Instead of invading people’s inbox and start dropping stupid messages like “Hello baby, I like you, Can we see?”, bring what you do here.
Social media can help you showcase what you do, it can change your life, it can help you fulfil your dreams.
Don’t just come here to chat, upload pictures alone, tell people what you do as well.

Relate with great minds, prove your works, beat your chest on what you do, tell them you can give them the best service.

I’m always happy when I see people uploading pictures of their handwork, it makes me see a future in entrepreneurship.

When Mark Zuckerberg said describe yourself in 101 words, what were you people thinking?
Do you know uploading who you are there could help you? Yes, it can!
It has really helped me(a big article for another day).

We’re in the 20th century, where almost every daily activities takes place online. Why don’t you bring yours too?
You’re projecting yourself as well!

A lot of people are talented, but lacks projection. It took me a while before I discovered mine too, but immediately I did discover my talent, I swift into actions.

Imagine a fashion designer who is never well-dressed, so tell me who advised him/her to venture into that business.

Success is just like a KEY. You have the key with you, and you can use it whenever you want to.
You’re the KEY!
You’re the best thing that can ever be useful for yourself, so be the BEST for yourself.


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