My cousin had been contemplating on reaching out to his lecturer that once helped him lately, but he didn’t take it serious.
It was either he had no cash on him or busy whenever I asked ‘have you?’

He mentioned it yesterday and I couldn’t hold it any longer.
“You keep postponing it, why not now?” I said.
“No money jare.” He said.

I insisted we must go with the little cash on us and he agreed.
We got there and we couldn’t believe our eyes.
He, the lecturer, had been sick for about two months now.
Before we got there, he couldn’t stand up. On getting there, he stood up and hugged us.
He was so happy to see us.

His wife was surprised, she couldn’t fathom how the change occurred.
Our presence changed his mood.
We took some nice shots together, we ate together, chatted together, and played together.

Early this morning, he died!
I still cannot explain why and how it happened so soon, but one thing he said before we left there was, ‘I’m writing today’s event in my diary’. Definitely, he did!

Do you have something in mind?
Have you been nursing a plan in your mind?

Carry it out!
Work on it!

Though there is always a second chance, but the truth there is, second chance is not the exact version of first chance.

There is this bae you’ve been eyeing up and down.
My dear brother, approach her.
You never can tell if you share the same sentiment.

You want to set up a business, but you insist you start with a huge capital.
Why not start with the little at hand?

There was that time in our lives when everyone rejected us, but SOMEONE accepted us.
Yes! Just someone!

That one person that doesn’t toy with anything that concern us.

That one person that covered up for us.

That one person that pushed us to success.

That one person that provided a shoulder for us to lean one.

That one person that said ‘Yes’ when we were about saying ‘No’.

That one person that made our failures looked like success.

That one person that pampered us.

That one person that would never find it difficult to come into our inbox whenever we aren’t online.

That one person that protected our image online and offline.

That one person that told everyone ‘it’s a lie’, even when ‘it is true’.

Did we remember them?
Our parents?
Our lecturers?
Our friends?

Haven’t we forgotten them when we got there?

I know money is good, I know food is good, I didn’t despite the fact that shoes are essential. But there is an extra feelings that comes with having GOOD people around you.

Reach out to that person that was there for you, tell them how wonderful they’ve been, make them blush uncontrollably.
Tell them how they mean to you.

Make a big shoutout to them, put a smile on their faces.

Don’t wait till they are dead before you start telling everyone what they did.
It is absolutely unnecessary.
Write them a poem instead of a long tribute.

N100 recharge card is not much, put a call through to them.
Social media has made it more easier, make use of it.

When we are asked, we say ‘it’s been God’
Of course, it’s been God, but there was that SOMEONE God used.

Remember that SOMEONE now!
Reach out to that SOMEONE now!

Always remember that LATER can be NEVER


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