What You Do, They Do!

What You Do, They Do!

My neighbour’s children loves coming to our apartment when they are back from school.
Specifically, to do their homework.

As usual, they came yesterday, but they didn’t meet my younger brother(he is the one who helps them in solving their assignment). So I decided to help them out.

That same yesterday, I decided to unleash my hair. The younger brother, a three years old boy, offered to help me with my hair.

“Minis(trying to call Eunice), I can do it” He said.
Do wetin? I thought he was actually joking, but he wasn’t. He wanted to do my hair.
“Don’t worry hun” I said.
But he insisted he must help.

Then he said, “My daddy iyaf always do mummy hair”

I was wowed by what he said. He’s been observing his dad closely, his dad must have been doing that without paying attention to his presence while he was unleashing their mum’s hair.

You see, the moral in this is simple.
Those little insults you rain on each other before your children mean a lot.
They’re observing you, they’re learning from you.

Children picks and digests things easily. They’re observant.
Mind the way you talk before your children, they would go out and talk like that too.

Be the best for your children, you don’t have to sit them down before you teach them.

What would teach them is YOU.
Your talks
Your actions
Your attitudes
Your love
Your care

Display good virtue before them, teach them what you would love them to do in their respective homes now!

House chores are not meant for the women alone.
Help your wife out.

Cook for the family, help with laundries, take your family out during holidays, teach them care, show them love.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, a lot of teen you see outside there committing offences are victim of homes where love is lost.
If you need a prove, let me show Child Haven’s cases.

Those little things you don’t take into consideration, children take it into cultivation.


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