Emmanuela, that young comedian, makes me think a lot.
She is young, she is vibrant, she is smart, she is funny, and very hardworking.

A young girl receiving standing ovations here and there.
I admire her a lot.

Recently, she received an award.
I developed goose pimples when I read the news.

She came from a poor family.
She dusted that fact.
She discovered her talent.
She developed it at a very tender

One crucial lesson I learnt from her, are those girls(her friends) she’s using in many of her videos.

Those girls never isolated themselves from her.
An average Nigerian would have told those children to stop moving with Emmanuela, they would start saying ‘what does she knows sef?’.

I’m sure some parents in their village would have stopped their children from playing with her in the neighbourhood when she started.

But you see those girls are now famous too, they are closely recognised with Emmanuela.

One major problem an average Nigerian has is that we get jealous on someone’s else achievement.

See, when you have a friend making it, relate with that person, learn from them.
Don’t start backbiting around.

What many of you fail to know is that success vomits success.
Don’t be shallow minded.

Some of your friends got admission, you stopped talking to them because they are ahead of you.
My dear, efface that thinking from your mind.

Learn from them, borrow their textbooks, read their notes, ask them about how school life is, and stop being an enemy of their progress.
While you’re doing this, who knows if they could help you out as well?

What I definitely know is that no man climbs a ladder without someone holding the ladder.

See, don’t start forming cliques because someone is making it.

Let that person achievement(s) be a push for you, let it challenge you, and not plant hatred in your mind.



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