I was in J.S.S 3 when one of my seniors got pregnant.
Her protruding belly was not seen by many till she left the school finally.
I didn’t notice her belly as well, the news kept flying till it passed my desk.
Before I could reach S.S.S 1(third term), it went viral that she gave birth again.
S.S.S. 3, when I was preparing for WAEC/NECO, she put to bed again.
The day I saw her, she couldn’t even greet me.
Her kids were wearing tattered cloth, looking umkempt.

Meanwhile, that same year that I was preparing for my junior WAEC(J.S.S. 3), I attended a private lesson.
There was this lady(she should be 20 years then), we both attended the lesson together.

She was old enough to be a graduate, but there she was, preparing for her SSCE with a small girl like me.

She has a baby, that she did bring along, and would drop her outside.
She passed the exam, wrote JAMB, gained admission, passed out with a first class, and she was one of those that was called into bar last year.

People have terrible past, and yet you will not know.
Are they hiding their past?
Of course not!
Their achievement covered it instead.
When you have rewritten your future, no one would have time to trace your past.

Likes of Omotola Jolade have past, is she not doing perfectly well in the industry?
Funke Akindele do have as well, would you ever want to miss an episode of Jenifa’s Diary at all?

Don’t allow a terrible mistake you made in life reshape your life into a crooked one.
Your mistake should be your message.
Let your past preach to other people.
Let it inspire upcoming generations.

You made a mistake, and some folks are already telling you that’s all.
It is not!
You fell, yes, you did fall.
But you can stand, firmly.

But when you don’t see a need to leave the old time way and move to the new time way, your past itself would cry for you making it’s life more miserable.

Don’t feel ashamed to start afresh, that’s what second chance is.
Life does not always give second chance, but when it does, use it wisely.

Don’t wallow deep into the mistake(s) you made.
You can do it, if others could.
You can get there, it others could.

Do things perfectly well that your past itself would feel like hugging you if it’s possible.


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