Respect Beget Respect!

I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now, but I haven’t felt the fervour urge to do so.
But a particular event triggered this.

Last year December, I met a male Feminist who we were trying to set up a programme for women.
He came along with his friend that day, and you need to see how his friend talked about women, ladies in particular.
He never supported our ideas for once, he smelt and dumped it.

“Those ladies you are fighting for don’t worth it” He said.
I felt somehow within me, because I’m sure he must have experienced somethings before arriving at such conclusion.

You see, when we want females to have a say in the society, we are not talking about females who doesn’t have a say in their own lives.

Some ladies would go out there and start raging, shouting, screaming, and saying insulting words to themselves.
Some would grab their fellow gender’s breast, remove her headtie, and even pull at her cloth.
When you don’t respect a fellow woman of your type, how do you expect men to respect us?
See, it is arrant nonsense!

Give accolades to who ever deserve it, be it a teenage, young girl, adult, anyone.
Age shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to showing respect one another.
Don’t go out there and disgrace womanhood.
Protect a fellow woman like you, show her respect. If at all you want to correct her shortcomings, let your corrections proclaim love.

Before you demand respect, you must warrant it.
Stop acting stupidly because you are a lady, who told you ladies are meant behave like that?
At times you would converse with some ladies, and at the end or during the conversation, you would start to hear ‘don’t you know I’m a lady’.
I sincerely do not know who gave them that thinking.

Ladies now have a great sense of humour, don’t be left behind, join the troop.
Let men converse with and applaud you, let them shake their heads affirmatively when you talk.

Research has made it known to us that women are the best gossipy. I didn’t concur to that initially, I saw it as a hypothesis. But recently, it got proved and formulated.

Enough is enough!
You girls should stop running mouth here and there.
Learn to seal your mouth, you don’t have to utter everything.
If at all the lady in question is lacking behind, help her out. Don’t go and form a round table.
Stop backbiting, see, just stop it!
You don’t need it.

Instead of going from neighbour A’s house to neighbour B’s, get something and do.
Bring your works online, rather than throwing ‘shades and subs’ on people here.

Less I forget, when you are menstruating, please don’t wear leggings, it is beg that I’m begging you.
Don’t go out there and allow dirty-mouthed men dirty us.
You don’t wear tight wears simply because it brings out the shape of your pad.
I have seen a lot, I even saw one this morning.

It’s not compulsory you open a boutique in your house, those clothes you have can bring out a ‘beautiful you’.
Some dressing rashly because you are a lady.
Dress moderately, set a pace between you and an old woman.

Associate with women with great value too. Remember I told you success vomits success. When you move with intellectual people, directly or indirectly, you would grab somethings from them.

Nobody was born a genius, we all bred ourselves to become one.

Dear young housewife,
You see that man in your house, he is your husband. Don’t sit down at home and watch telemundo everyday, leaving the man all alone to cater.

Provide some petty needs in the house too.
Don’t find comfort in sitting down at home.
Don’t bore him, your hubby, with responsibilities.
When you show a man you are not a liability, but an helper, his respect for you would skyrocket.

I know some housewives who stays at home all day, yet they are making ends meet for the family.
Get an online job, project your works, just do something legal and monetary to add value to yourself.

Drop your letter of resignation in the office of WRAPPERS TYING WOMEN LTD., and join the PRODUCTIVE AND INDRUSTRUOUS WOMEN Plc.
Women that had stopped being a liability and detected their abilities, join them!
Women that don’t wait for their husband before they take good care of their children, join them!
Women with great virtue, associate with them!
Women that don’t gossip around the neighbourhood, but face their home and work squarely, belong to their clique!

You buy clothes, apply make up kits, buy shoes, go shopping, do this, do that, but neglect the INTELLECTUAL aspect of your life.

Watch educating programmes on TV, download PDFs to read, motivational books, novels, health books, religious books, the list is endless.
Add value to yourself!

Dear teenagers,
Don’t get carried away easily. Don’t allow one sugar coated mouth rubbish your life.
Enough of all these cases of pregnancy I’m seeing, learn how to close your laps.

We are teenagers, not messengers.
We set the pace for the others to wonder
They bow at our excellence with order
We are changers and not toddlers

Learn how to calculate your ovulation period, I think that would at least caution you from playing around guys during that period.
Ovulation doesn’t come alone, it comes with fervour sexual urge, I can bear a witness to that.

Someone said teenagers(most especially the ones in secondary schools) smells during menstruation. Absolutely true!

Bath at least twice a day, change your pads before it tears apart, use roll on, stop looking stinking every now and then, shave those hairy part of your body if any smell persist.

Ladies are meant to carry dignity not reproach, and when a lady herself has that respect, for other people to show her respect won’t be a problem.
No one built respect, we all developed it.
Tell somebody to remind somebody that we are great and awesome!


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