The Man I Married


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Episode 5

“You gave him a hypnotic pill?” I furrowed my eyebrow.
Her facial expression was ruthless, she wasn’t sober like she was before.

“Whatever I say today…” She started chanting some incantations.
I watched her keenly. She brought out a white paper from her armpit.
She whispered some words I didn’t hear to the powder and blew it all over the room.

“Mama, what!” Mike hardly finished his sentence when he fainted.

I screamed!
It was when I made to move on the couch, that when I realised it was all a dream. I was sweating profusely, my tummy rumbled and somersaulted.

‘Mike?’ I asked myself.

I stood up immediately and headed for his room. He was snoring.

I touched the ground and placed my hand on my chest, a funny way Yorubas can be at times.

I crept in and slept beside him.

06:00am in the morning, I went straight into the kitchen.
The kitchen had been disordered. The utensils went into different stays, the gas cylinder was so dirty as if the owner went AWOL for years

I took the mop and started mopping the floor.
The time was fast spent, before I could finish the cleaning, it was half past six.

Ideas flooded into my head, I needed a way to get rid of Mama or take Mike along with me.
I have the conviction that all I dreamt of would come to pass. I’m not a dreamer, but when I do, it has a depth meaning than mere imagination. Far from being illusory.

“Good morning, Mama” I greeted as I gulp down the coffee I prepared to take before leaving for work.

She didn’t reply. She made a sign with her hands that signified ‘it is okay’.

I shrugged.
“And Mama, Mike and I would be going out today” I said.

Her eyes widened with surprise.
“Where?” She asked.

“Mike has been indoors lately, having all day to himself” I paused, trying to put on my shoes. “And I’ve decided to kill a little out of his boredom, he deserves some fun”.

I knew her ears wouldn’t believe it, but I didn’t care. I was determined to do whatever that cross my mind.

“Hey dear” I said, closing the bedroom’s door.
Mike didn’t give a response, he kept mute and stood up.

“Here we go” I said, flagging my hands.
He obeyed.

I held his hands tightly, cuddling them unto my chest.
He smiled sheepishly.

Where do I go from here?
I’ve just completed ‘Mission 1’. Leaving Mike inside the car is factually not it.

I brought the car to a halt, my heartbeat increased, it was no doubt Ken was the bogey.
My head went up as if an attic was constructed in there.

Ken wouldn’t do anything, but I feared something, something I couldn’t explain.

“You can push the seat to the back to ease backache” I told Mike as I made to drop down.

Ken appeared from my back. “Hi Mrs. Akpan” He greeted.

“Ken” Mike called him.
Still continues…


All right reserved.
(c) Copyright, MissEunice


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