The Man I Married


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Episode 6

“Ken” Mike called him.
My eyes widened with surprise.

Did he just call Ken?
Ken hurriedly left my back to where Mike was standing and hugged him.

“Oh boy, you don chop up ooo” Ken said, teasingly.

I watched the two grown man curiously. My mouth couldn’t quantify the questions I have in my mind.

“See you later, Ken” Mike said after they finished exchanging pleasantries.

Ken winked at me and moved swiftly into the office.
I ferreted for my bag and into the office I entered too.

The day went so cool that Ken and I didn’t catch a glimpse of ourselves aside from when Mrs. Lawson sent a file to me through him.

“From Mrs. Lawson” Ken said, and dropped the file on my table.
“Thank you!”
Since then, we’ve not seen each other.

“Ooops!” I exclaimed, blowing out a soft breath from my mind.
The time was fast spent, and I must submit the file Ken brought in the morning.

I pulled myself sluggishly to the water dispenser right beside the shelf, I needed to quench my thirst.

I gulped everything down to the last drop. My tummy rumbled, and this time it festered the more.
I grabbed the shelf and tugged my nail at it.
It hurt!
I screamed!

I had totally forgotten I was pregnant, but my present situation made me remember.
The cleaner passing through the corridor ran into my office.

“Madamu” She called.
I flipped my hands in the air, instructing her to turn off the A/C.
My lips dangled, my face wrinkled, my legs whizzed, my hands shook vigorously.

If a chill water isn’t wholesome for a pregnant woman was what I don’t know.
Ruka, the cleaner, moved me to my seat.

“Make I go call oga”
I went mute.

I nodded this time around.

I didn’t know Ruka could run like that. Just in a twinkling of an eye, she came back with Ken.

“Is this your oga?” I retorted fiercely.
Ken stopped!
Ruka ran out!

“Are you okay?” Ken asked

“Yes, I am”

Just then, Mrs. Lawson rushed in and the cleaner.
My stomach had stopped rumbling. I looked like a one time deceiver before them.

“What happened?” Mrs. Lawson stood akimbo, looking at Ruka disdainfully.

“Modamu ni” She replied in her Ibadan accent she speaks fluently with.

“I only had a little dislocation in my joint” I lied.
Telling them it was a stomach upset was not in the scene. I had to falsify what had happened.

“You can go, Ruka” Mrs. Lawson instructed her to leave.
She genuflected several times before she left.
She trembled with fear, and everyone could sense that.

“You can get back to work, Ken”
Ken left!

“Errmm, Mrs. Akpan…” She paused just when she pulled herself into one of the visitor’s chair before me.
“…and why didn’t you tell this organisation” She graced her face with a smile, revealing her dimple.

I was stunned, and dazed.
“About what?” I asked.

“It would be very aptly for you to have informed me, but I didn’t see that coming. This is why I’m doing that wholly.” She said.

Right now, I was so confused.
“I’m still not getting you please”

“That you don’t know it is expected of you to tell this organisation when you are pregnant so as to take a maternal leave? And that you don’t know you are pregnant? And that you’re not feeling your protruding belly? And that…”
I cut in abruptly “Ma!” I exclaimed.

Still continues…

All right reserved.
Copyright, MissEunice


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