They sent them to spy out the land; where the warriors there are super armoured. They came back and tendered their reports. The reports made their fear grew with wings. But two came back, Joshua and Caleb, with great optimism. They faced the congregation and said boldly “the land, which we passed through to search it, is an exceeding good land”. Numbers 14:7.


It takes grace to look beyond the presence and see the future. Joshua and Caleb also saw terrible things that would have made them tendered a fearful report, but they did not. They looked beyond the present, and they saw the exceedingly flourishing land. I posted a short quote last week reading ‘the bravest of all minds is that mind that sees failure and still call it success”.

It is hard, it is difficult, it takes one to walk in another’s shoes to know how it feels. A lot of smiles we see out there are fake, they need those smiles to become real ones. Would you like to be a volunteer? Most times, it is not about the money, it is not about the accessories, it is about the love. Say positive things irrespective of the situations surroundings. A soul need your words, someone need an optimist, you need one too. Speak well to yourself, profess gracious words to your life. Life would be more sweeter if our optimism can take a step higher.



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