‘Who is worthy to open the book?’
Every hands jammed in a hook
‘Who will go?’
Every lips went on hold
John wept so much
Then ‘the Root of David’ stood thereof
Voluntarily, the burden, He went forth,
To bear and seven seals He loose thereon
In a twinkling He could call Legions
But never did, silence He was
Spat on Him, slaps on
He prayed instead for their wrought
The strikes and thunders
Both stirred their ‘wonder’
The darkness clouded, length and breath of the earth
The first, last of its kind
The one thick inch,
Veil did tear.
A free entrance it gave
You and I today
Blood for atonement,
Dripping from His sides
Water of healing,
Tugged from his battered sides
Gave life, lips cannot mention
The lost treasure, the blood did restore
Gloss refined ONE
The one’s footstool we adore
His grounds, practically we worship
If not for HIM…
‘Your faith is also in vain’ Paul said.
Indeed, it was HIM that broke the veil
His love for me never fades
His sufferings signifies my life
In Him, I found my need
He paid the full price of my life
The stripes He bore, my healing it did bring
Unmerited love my soul now ring
Condemnation not, I now see
My unjust became just; overruled sin
No other words can qualify
The burdens He lifted at Calvary
No other names can He be called
Than The Lion of the Tribe
He conquered death
His nail-scarred feet trampled on sickness
Reversed curse,
Blessing He brought
Nail-scarred hands gave me a new song
My mouth can tell it all
My pen can write it all
About the BROKEN VEIN that BROKE the Viel.

New Day


Thanks is all you say

When on your knee you fall to pray

Everyday is a special day

Do all you may

To failure, say nay

To success, pave way

When depression start to display

Your attention you must pay Continue reading

The Trade Called SLAVERY.

Tied up in chains and fear;
The horror and inhumanity they couldn’t bear;
Working day and night as if beaten with a snare;
Ignorance is the most horrible thing that had covered their face;
They knew no other means than to give her out for sale;
A hefty man surfaced the next day;
Wanting to have her hands in marriage as they would say;
Knows fully well she was going to have a stay;
She closed her eyes and wish she had been slain;
Sold to the man at the back of the crowd;
Who came to her grinning and proud;
The stranger grabbed her hands leading the way; Continue reading


Joy filled the atmosphere;

When I had to spare;

Nothing but the wail to hear;

Making my small presence clear;
My heart sings;

The joy bell dings;

No mortal page can show;

Nor it’s worth one knows;
Far and near I rode;

For wealth and gold; Continue reading


A great supporter you are;
A curling STEM you have;
You pave the way for the plant;
To climb on you to stand;
A slender curl of hair;
Sparkling and shinning in the air;
Thread-like part you bear;
And your favourite colour you wear;
In my reminiscence about your origin;
Darwin’s monograph made it vivid;
The reason behind you,not rigid;
You’re a terminal leaflets rind;
. Continue reading