The Man I Married

THE MAN I MARRIED—Episode 8… (Finale)

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“Yes, it wasn’t. My mother came over to take care of me with some concoction. Mrs. Lawson, your boss, came to check on me a day like that. Mama went to the market, you were off to work” He explained.

“Mrs. Lawson? Tell me what I don’t know, Mike”.

“She came that day and we talked. She saw somethings that day in the house which I didn’t see. The woman is great”

“Yes, she is. But why did you say that?”

“Ever since that day, everything changed. Mama could sense it herself. I no longer take those things that was concocted from the coven. She threatened to kill me if I back off from the plans and make you look like the murderer before everyone” Mike said. Continue reading

The Man I Married


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I cut in abruptly. “Ma!”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I was just so concern about you. You are one of the hardworking staff this organisation has, and that deserves the best from this organisation” She said.

“Thank you. I ought to have tell you this, but I’ve been having so many things to deal with. I tender my sincere apology, ma’am!”

Her face showed she was concern and curious.

“Do you mind to share those things?” Mrs. Lawson asked.

“They are nothing serious, I’m getting over it” I smiled sheepishly.

“I must confess that you’ve seriously emaciated. You are not the Mrs. Akpan everyone knew, you’ve changed. Are you being traumatised?” Continue reading

The Man I Married


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Episode 6

“Ken” Mike called him.
My eyes widened with surprise.

Did he just call Ken?
Ken hurriedly left my back to where Mike was standing and hugged him.

“Oh boy, you don chop up ooo” Ken said, teasingly.

I watched the two grown man curiously. My mouth couldn’t quantify the questions I have in my mind.

“See you later, Ken” Mike said after they finished exchanging pleasantries.

Ken winked at me and moved swiftly into the office.
I ferreted for my bag and into the office I entered too. Continue reading

The Man I Married


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Episode 5

“You gave him a hypnotic pill?” I furrowed my eyebrow.
Her facial expression was ruthless, she wasn’t sober like she was before.

“Whatever I say today…” She started chanting some incantations.
I watched her keenly. She brought out a white paper from her armpit.
She whispered some words I didn’t hear to the powder and blew it all over the room.

“Mama, what!” Mike hardly finished his sentence when he fainted.

I screamed! Continue reading



So many questions I can’t even give answers to.
“Are you the owner of that baby you’re backing?”
A guy saw me last week and was like “Who is the father?”
Well, it’s no new anymore. I got pregnant a year ago, it was even a friend of mine that noticed it.
Though it was a pregnancy out of wedlock.
I had this wonderful room mate who was a postgraduate while I was an undergraduate. She
was older than me, very older! She is a married woman, but still waiting for the fruit of the womb. Her husband comes around every weekend to pick her. Continue reading


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Episode 4

My eyes dilated with surprise.

“Nothing!” I said, shaking my head vehemently.

He stared at me for minutes that seemed like eternity.
He turned back swiftly, heading for the bedroom.

“Mike” I called.

“Mike” Mama called out too.

Guilt started stabbing my heart, that was not the Lola he has known me to be.
Everything I displayed seemed like a nollywood movie before them.
I fell on the chair. My tummy rumbled, causing me a backache.

I haven’t tell him I was pregnant, his present situation has erased the thought of telling him.
Does he even understand what pregnancy is? Continue reading


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“Ma?” I pretended as if I didn’t hear her.

“I said I can help” She repeated herself.

“I will be fine, ma!” I said, trying to defuse her.

“Nne, I can do it” She shrugged, rushing out those sentences in her dialect.

My blood stuck then!
How on earth will I cope?
Where on earth should I start?
It pinched myself for definite assurance of what I heard.

Mike’s admission was curtailed by his quick response to treatment.

“Lola!” I heard the voice inaudibly.

I wasn’t sure it was my own Lola, so I looked squarely to where I was going.

I walked sluggishly. I was stressed out, I haven’t taken anything since I got to the office that day. I was heading for the nearby canteen.

“Lola Adesina” The voice shouted my name this time around.
Not my name alone, but my Father’s name. Continue reading

People Sha!

If you are extra-ordinary intelligent,they will be like “Shey na only hin sabi book ni?”.
If you are not very academic,they will be like “You’d better go and wash your head”.
If you are blacky type,they will be like “Na Lucipher do your finishing touches”.
If you are very fair,they will be like “carowhite on point”.
If you update status a lot,they will branch you a talkative.
If you stop updating status,they will be like “their data don finish”.
If you are ripe for marriage and you are yet to show them your fiance/fiancee,they will be like “Egbon,you never bring them.abi una don forget”. Continue reading


“Sir,I didn’t do it” I sobbed.
“My friend,shut up!” A tall man in uniform shouted at me.
“You have the right to remain silent,because anything you say will/would be use against you before the court of law”. A masculine voice I couldn’t figure out said.
I wished I was brought before the court of law!
I wished they could allow me express myself!
I wished someone cared to listen!
The only thing I had to say was “I didn’t do it”,but no one cares to listen,I was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Where are my relatives?
I can’t find any! Continue reading

Death!, Oh Why?

You have done it again!
You have no shame!
You have no pity!
You do not respect talent!
You do not respect genius!
Beauty meant nothing to you!
You are callous!
The rich and poor
Like lighting
Respond to your call
Untimely most of the time
Were you to respect talent, you won’t have called her
Were you to respect beauty, you would have left this gem untouched.
True it is, that you do not respect beauty nor talent.
She will continue to live,
Death, you are a loser!
She can never die,
Because you have no string!
You have failed,
because she is greater than you!
She conquered death!
She is a unforgettable gem,
She lives on!
She will forever remain in my heart,
Good night!”. Before Mary could finish the tribute, the sheet she was reading from was damn wet.
She left the podium for her sit. Continue reading