I was in J.S.S 3 when one of my seniors got pregnant.
Her protruding belly was not seen by many till she left the school finally.
I didn’t notice her belly as well, the news kept flying till it passed my desk.
Before I could reach S.S.S 1(third term), it went viral that she gave birth again.
S.S.S. 3, when I was preparing for WAEC/NECO, she put to bed again.
The day I saw her, she couldn’t even greet me.
Her kids were wearing tattered cloth, looking umkempt.

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What You Do, They Do!

What You Do, They Do!

My neighbour’s children loves coming to our apartment when they are back from school.
Specifically, to do their homework.

As usual, they came yesterday, but they didn’t meet my younger brother(he is the one who helps them in solving their assignment). So I decided to help them out.

That same yesterday, I decided to unleash my hair. The younger brother, a three years old boy, offered to help me with my hair.

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My cousin had been contemplating on reaching out to his lecturer that once helped him lately, but he didn’t take it serious.
It was either he had no cash on him or busy whenever I asked ‘have you?’

He mentioned it yesterday and I couldn’t hold it any longer.
“You keep postponing it, why not now?” I said.
“No money jare.” He said.

I insisted we must go with the little cash on us and he agreed.
We got there and we couldn’t believe our eyes.
He, the lecturer, had been sick for about two months now.
Before we got there, he couldn’t stand up. On getting there, he stood up and hugged us.
He was so happy to see us.

His wife was surprised, she couldn’t fathom how the change occurred.
Our presence changed his mood.
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I was about entering my compound yesterday evening when I heard a feminine voice shouting my name from afar.

No one bears Eunice in my area(probably they don’t call them sha), so it’s definitely my own Eunice.

I looked back and saw a young woman, I’ve seen her before but I couldn’t deduce where.

We got talking. After a long description, I factually deduced where I met her. She was the woman that sells junks very close to a tutorial I attended then.

Back then, she was lean due to insufficiencies, but the woman’s physique I saw yesterday astounded me. Extremely different!

She wasn’t the only one selling junks for us then, they were like four, but we all patronise her.
You know why? Because she projected herself.

She was so friendly that her smile would definitely move you to buy from her. When other sellers were tying wrapper, this woman would always suit up. The way she wrapped the chops were different. Continue reading



So many questions I can’t even give answers to.
“Are you the owner of that baby you’re backing?”
A guy saw me last week and was like “Who is the father?”
Well, it’s no new anymore. I got pregnant a year ago, it was even a friend of mine that noticed it.
Though it was a pregnancy out of wedlock.
I had this wonderful room mate who was a postgraduate while I was an undergraduate. She
was older than me, very older! She is a married woman, but still waiting for the fruit of the womb. Her husband comes around every weekend to pick her. Continue reading


Did you experience this when you were young? Either any of your parents, teachers or someone else might have asked you this question during your childhood. ‘’What will you love to become in future”?. I am very sure that many of us would have found different answers to this challenging question by saying; I want to become a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, journalist, or a contractor and etc.

Truly, it is an amiable dream if a child aspires for any of this fabulous careers but how possible can he/she achieve this dream?

What is dream? Dream in another way, means a hope or wish which one aspires for. Therefore whoever dreams of something fabulous is also building a qualitative future for him/herself. Continue reading


I entered a MTN outline shop for my sim registration on friday. During the registration, a fair lady banged in. She was lost to words, and was sweating profusely.

Everyone told her to calm down and catch her breath very well.
Without much ado, they asked her what was wrong. She said Mrs Ekanem’s daughter, who happens to be her boss was rushed down to the nearby hospital not so long. She then mentioned the fact that they were asked to bring a particular amount and she(her boss) couldn’t afford it.

I read a story like that in the Bible, but I saw it with my naked eye on friday. Everyone inside the shop and the nearby shops rushed into their shops almost at the same time. I was lost, since I was a stranger.

I knew something that day. In spite of the recession, people can still render financial assistance.

Curiosity overwhelmed me. A lady then said “She must not die, that woman is too good to lose a child at her age”. That was what I heard and I deduced what was happening instantly. I was touched that tears welled up in my eyes.

A woman that sells home appliances also said “She has never begged for help before, she is committed to giving, let’s do this for her.” Continue reading


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Episode 4

My eyes dilated with surprise.

“Nothing!” I said, shaking my head vehemently.

He stared at me for minutes that seemed like eternity.
He turned back swiftly, heading for the bedroom.

“Mike” I called.

“Mike” Mama called out too.

Guilt started stabbing my heart, that was not the Lola he has known me to be.
Everything I displayed seemed like a nollywood movie before them.
I fell on the chair. My tummy rumbled, causing me a backache.

I haven’t tell him I was pregnant, his present situation has erased the thought of telling him.
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Define Yourself



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Episode 3


“Ma?” I pretended as if I didn’t hear her.

“I said I can help” She repeated herself.

“I will be fine, ma!” I said, trying to defuse her.

“Nne, I can do it” She shrugged, rushing out those sentences in her dialect.

My blood stuck then!
How on earth will I cope?
Where on earth should I start?
It pinched myself for definite assurance of what I heard.

Mike’s admission was curtailed by his quick response to treatment.

“Lola!” I heard the voice inaudibly.

I wasn’t sure it was my own Lola, so I looked squarely to where I was going.

I walked sluggishly. I was stressed out, I haven’t taken anything since I got to the office that day. I was heading for the nearby canteen.

“Lola Adesina” The voice shouted my name this time around.
Not my name alone, but my Father’s name. Continue reading