The Man I Married

THE MAN I MARRIED—Episode 8… (Finale)

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“Yes, it wasn’t. My mother came over to take care of me with some concoction. Mrs. Lawson, your boss, came to check on me a day like that. Mama went to the market, you were off to work” He explained.

“Mrs. Lawson? Tell me what I don’t know, Mike”.

“She came that day and we talked. She saw somethings that day in the house which I didn’t see. The woman is great”

“Yes, she is. But why did you say that?”

“Ever since that day, everything changed. Mama could sense it herself. I no longer take those things that was concocted from the coven. She threatened to kill me if I back off from the plans and make you look like the murderer before everyone” Mike said.

I was awed!
“I told Mrs. Lawson and we prayed through on it. Mama’s weapon fought back at her instead of me, and it is still fighting.”

I sobbed like a baby.
“Forgive me, for everything. I behaved rascally like someone who was under the influence of hard drugs.”

“I’m sorry too, for everything. I was so lousy, and that led to me saying things subconsciously. But you shouldn’t have gone this far.” I sobbed.

“I still love you”

“Mike, you don’t” I jumped on my feet. “If you do, you would not have left me all to myself, bearing every pains and cries alone. Your mother frustrated me, very badly. You know it, Mike you do”.

“Yes, I know” He grabbed my wrist. I let go of wrist away from his hands immediately.

I sat down back, reclining on the chair.
“Lola, you are awesome. I never believe you could endure all that I did. I am not being a sycophant, just being sincere” He gave a flirtatious smile.

“The truth is, all you’ve said seems very hard for me to believe. I’m stabbed, seriously battered”

He came closer and cuddled me, and I didn’t resist.
“Forgive my trespasses” He whispered.

It was quite hard for me because the more I remember ‘to damage my uterus’, the more I felt the pain. But Mrs. Lawson’s words kept on piercing my heart too.

“Do anything within your capability to keep your home” Mrs. Lawson’s words reverberated in my ears.

I faced Mike.
“I’m pregnant” I declared.

“Wow! Officially!”


“I know you are pregnant. I planted it there, so I know it has germinated” He said, rubbing my protruding belly gently.

“Big head” I poked his small nipple under his vest.

He jerked his index finger into my right ear.
“Stop it joor” I whined with pleasure.

Next day
Mike’s father called to inform us that mother died overnight.



All right reserved
(c) Copyright, MissEunice


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